Obsession: Makeup Brushes & Vintage Jewellery

A quick update on what I’ve been up to of late.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.33.51 PM

Still dizzy over crochet jewellery. The one on the left is made with nylon strings; the one of the right with wire. Found out about Gloom card games a few months back and couldn’t resist the art work on these transparent cards. So I used it and turned it into a glass-tile pendant.

Vintage Glass tile Ring

Vintage Glass tile Ring


Speaking of glass tile jewellery, here’s one with my chubby hands. I stole the flower from this card my mom received years ago from a I-can’t-remember-what company. It’s good to keep those mails and pamphlets you receive. They will one day come in handy when you are caught bored in the office with hours to kill.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.31.29 PM


While googling (“google” should be added to the dictionary, seeing that when you right-click on the red-underlined “google”, the phrase “search Google for google” comes up) ways to keep my makeup brushes, a picture of makeup brushes neatly placed on a bamboo mat appeared. So I thought I could make myself one.

I don’t like placing them in a container. Mostly because I don’t use them very often so I don’t want them to be sitting there collecting dust. I spent some time looking for a vintage straw dispenser to hold my brushes so that at least there is a lid over them. But I couldn’t find one. In the end, all I needed was a trip to Daiso, 2 sushi mats, some elastic band, a lot of patience and a couple of hours to make this sushi mat makeup brush holder to display all my brushes conveniently.

Now, all that’s left is to make a simple bag to keep those rolled up mats.


Orange Sweetness



A little dinner, a little ice cream and a little Tao huey to celebrate Kaelyn’s birthday. 11 days late, not to mention.

I hope the orange flowers complement the sweetness in your cheeks!

Happy As A Fish In The Rain

These past few days were spent making things for people in my life.

Amango’s (yes, that is not her real name) birthday was a while back but we have not had the chance to meet up. Her present has been sitting in the Japanese Origami paper long enough. Since I managed to get it to her boyfriend to pass it to her, I guess it’s safe to post it up here.

Amantha's Bow

Amantha’s Bow

Amantha’s fashion is a little homely with a tinge of vintage. So I thought I’d make something that has that feel – at least to me. The lace reminds me of that old table cloths people used to have at home and the peach-pink linen brings a little old-fashion mood. But what I like is the green beads, which add a little spunk to the bow. I hope this hair pin is not too embarrassing to wear in public. ๐Ÿ™‚

An aunt of mine has just gotten home from the hospital. She is recovering from surgery and I thought I’d give her something to remind her she’s not alone. Now that she has my uncle and cousin with her, she is in good hands. But seeing that my uncle is always the one who buys fruits for us, a fruit basket would be a quite redundant get-well-soon gift.

Fish In The Rain

Fish In The Rain

When Life Makes You Cry

When Life Makes You Cry

I’m hoping words and embroidery will help sooth her soul. The fish and rain drops are embroidered with ribbons onto a thin see-through linen. It is then stuck onto the paper using melted glue from a glue gun.

It’s easy to blame something or someone else for your misfortunes, but it’s more interesting to look at things through the other end of the kaleidoscope. Aunt’s health has always had problems. For instance, she is slightly deaf on one ear. She could easily have had both her ears injured, but still, she can hear.

This time, she probably sustained her injury while skiing on the mountains 2 weeks ago. The injury is bad but could have been worse. Thankfully, she was given the chance to get better. The surgery was a success and her family was and still is with her every step of the way.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that there are things to be grateful for, sometimes we just need a little reminder.

– Here’s a to good and speedy recovery. –

Forgetting About The Price Tag

For someone who doesn’t go out much, I had a great time in South Korea. The weather was nice, the food was even better and the experience was complicated.

Streets Of S. Korea

Fun In S. Korea

Living on a island, it is funny how I still yearn to live by the beach so much. But it is a dream I dare not put too much thought into. That’s the Haeundae beach in Busan. The best part of my trip is strolling along the beach,ย  walking along the wooden walk-way along the coast at night, and getting lost only to find a wonderfully hidden Korean barbeque restaurant frequented by famous Korean celebrities.

The ambiance was great, and so was the price. But that’s what holidays are for, eating, making a fool of yourselves and dressing up as an old palace minister. That’s laogong over there, in one rare occasion where he lets me take a picture of him.

We went to a craft street in Seoul but most of the work cannot be photographed, which I totally understand and I think you crafts people out there would too.

Crafts in S. Korea

Crafts in Seoul

I managed to take a couple of pictures of Korean embroidery before I realised that photography was not allowed. So not to show any disrespect, I took a picture of this famous Korean artist’s shop instead of her work. I love her work. It is absolutely adorable. You can check it out on her website. Be warned, it is a little pricy. Most of the good stuff there along that street are. But they only reflect the value of their work.

After shortlisting a few items, I decided on this pair of earrings from a local artist eunnamu.



I have not put it on yet. I don’t really have any occasion to wear it to, it’s just too pretty. But the design is just sublime that I had to get it. You can see the effort and love she put into her work. And that, I feel, deserves a little more than just a price tag.

Chinese Lilies and My Dad

My sister, my dad and I

My sister, my dad and I

Old pictures make everyone nostalgic. My sister compiled all our photographs into a very nice scrapbook about our family and this is one of them. It just reminds me everything about what I feel for my dad and I couldn’t help but take a picture of it for myself for safe keeping. Perhaps it will fit nicely onto the back of the embroidered camera I made for my dad.

Speaking of which, my mom, who is a very good critic, says my embroidered camera does not look like a camera at all. So I had to crack my head thinking of what else I can make for my dad and I came up with this.

Chinese Lily Coin Pouch

Chinese Lily Coin Pouch

We have been going to different hawker centres to try out all the food this new area has to offer and mom has been complaining that dad’s stealing her coin pouch. So I decided to make him one.

Dad has always been very traditional. He loves Chinese paintings and embroidery, but I don’t trust my skills to sew something even remotely close to resembling a Chinese painting or embroidery. So I decided to still stick with the Chinese theme and sew on a Chinese lily with ribbons.

Daddy's Initials

Daddy's Initials

It even has his initials on it.

Dad always uses the things we make for him, even the embarrassing ones. I’d like to think that the gifts he’s been receiving from us are getting less and less so. ๐Ÿ™‚


Between the smell and trying to stop myself from sticking my tongue out to get a sip, I’m really enjoying the green tea wash. It smells great, feels soft on the skin and it doesn’t cost a lot. I think I’m going to make it regular.

My Glittery Glossy 3D Embroidered Camera Flash

Nili is getting more and more choosy with his food. Only crunchy bits for him with mango and guava on the side. No more celery. He’s growing an expensive taste.

But I am thankful for everyday that he is eating well.

Glittery Camera Flash

Glittery Camera Flash

While sewing the vintage camera for my dad, I needed ideas for making the flash glossy, glittery and shiny. So I used some glitter nail varnish / polish and diamond glaze.

Make the flash glitter

make the flash glitter

The diamond based 3D adhesive was bought on etsy a long time ago from Kristen Krafts, which can be used for making your own tile necklaces or basically protecting any tiny pictures you wish to put on your work, giving it a glossy, 3D look.

The nail varnish / polish was a mistake-purchase from Faceshop. The sales person was so nice that I felt bad leaving without getting anything. Yes, I am weak that way.

So after sewing on a running stitch for the perimeter of the flash with some grid lines inside (the perimeter is important as is stops the glue from flowing out of the area you want the glue to be on), I painted the flash with some glitter varnish / polish. To make the glitter stay in place, I added some Diamond Glaze, which also helps in giving it a 3D and glossy look.

I’m thinking of using it for some disco ball design or some night sky design, but that is another project for another day.

In the mean time, I feel like taking a break from making season’s items and going back to making myself a dress, after going throughย Ooobop. It’s very frustrating but challenging at the same time. If I don’t try, who knows what I can come up with? Any ideas on what kind of dress I should make?

Keeping Loved Ones Close

Looks like I got my wish. It’s been raining thunderstorms and lightning all day, a nice break from the hot weather. But then it will be very troublesome for some people and dangerous for drivers.

Pocket Watch Locket

Pocket Watch Locket

I managed to finish my weekend project for next season’s items – a pocket-watch locket. I like carrying a piece of my loved ones around. Maybe that’s where my obsession with lockets come about. For this locket, the blue yarn, red beads and gold chain makes for a very vivid and vintage looking piece, something different for me.

Many of my favourite people celebrate their birthday this month.

Ella Fitzgerald will always be a warm nightly companion to put on and turn up on a nice drizzly evening.

The witness at my wedding, my brother, also celebrates his birthday this month. My fondest memories of him are of times when he would bring me out late at night to enjoy the night scene here in Singapore. Not pubs and clubs, but nice hidden corners and quiet spots with good food where we can hang out with friends and catch up. One night, on one of our nightly outings, he carried me on his shoulders and ran across the pedestrian crossing. Without much difference in height and weight between us, I am amazed that he did it without breaking a sweat!

Dad's Camera

Dad's Camera

My dad celebrates his birthday on the 22nd of this month. Like every girl, my dad is my superman, santa claus and chauffeur all rolled into one. As a man who feels that he has everything he needs, it is always hard to get him a gift. My mom usually brings him out for dinner or cooks him a nice Chinese meal. Sis and I usually find something related to golf for his birthday. But since that is getting old, I though maybe this year, I should get him something related to his other hobby – photography.

Turns out it fits nicely into next season’s items as well. After some research and some drawing and cutting, now all that’s left is the colour combination. Exciting stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

As for my brother, I made it a little something years ago when I was in university overseas. But since it is a little, how shall I put it, rude to show it here, I guess I’ll have to post it another day.

The best gifts are the ones people still keep many years later. My brother still uses the thing I made him and my dad keeps everything I made him on his bedside table. With family like this, it’s no wonder I prefer to stay close to home.

The House Is Now A Home

Mom has been having a tiring time getting the house all tidied up. Just this morning, she went to buy some flowers to put in the living room.

Tiny things, like an orange rose, the computer screen cleaner in the shape of a car, and my sister’s soft toys (we still leave her a room even though she is miles away), make this house a warm and cozy home. And together with this breath taking view, I can just sit in the living room all day.

Gone are the days where we sip our drinks in a cafe. Mom’s living room is perfect for that. And with Dad’s sound system, I can play some Ella and Norah and have a good cup of hot chocolate with Nili by my side.


Since the home is more or less all cleaned up, I was back in the office this week and managed to start on some designs for the next season’s theme.

I’m having a wonderful time creating next season’s items. When you wonder down a new and unfamiliar path, with a little bit of determination, you can do things you never thought you were capable of doing. Of course with that comes certain responsibilities, like very thing else in life.

Right now, I am learning and living this journey, as obligingly as I can.

Happy easter and good friday to all.

Happy Easter! *sniff sniff!

Happy Easter! *sniff sniff!


No Little Blue Birds Get Left Behind

It rained in the wee hours of the morning and the pitter-patter of it made my sleep ever more cozy.

Lately I have been troubled with small issues that only a city girl will worry about. To wish them away, I sew. That seems to be the only remedy around that doesn’t make me put on weight.

A Family Of 4

It would be nice to cuddle up like this when the rain is pouring outside.

4 little Blue Birds

4 little Blue Birds

The finished product as a necklace. I had wanted to make it into a brooch, but I have yet to receive the brooch pins I ordered.

Because we have been packing up lately, all our photo albums have been boxed up. I wanted to put an old photo and my dad and I on the back of this charm, but I guess I’ll have to wait till next month when I can finally unpack.

I like that all these charms can have a wide range of designs on their back – plain, photo or have a nice quote embroidered on. For this one, I decided on this.

Nobody Gets Left Behind

Kind of fitting for the 4 little blue birds on the branch. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s Always Home When Love Is There

The morning greeted me with huge dark clouds and I was looking forward to another rainy day. But the moment I left for work, it cleared up. No matter, I can always go to this website for some rainy mood.

As promised, I managed to finish the other part of yesterday’s project.

It's always home when love is there

It will be something nice to give my mom, so that she can carry a piece of us wherever she goes.

I realised that I have yet to put up a clear picture of Steph’s Locket on the blog, although I have already uploaded it on my flickr. Here’s how the finished product looks.

Sean And Steph