Green, Grad, Bags And A Little Southland Mourning

Whenever my parents meet up with my sis overseas, there’s always this eagerness to get her something, seeing that we seldom get to hang out anymore. I often wonder how different life would be if she lived nearby. But there’s no point in wondering about something that isn’t going to happen.

Much like my mom, actually, one of the few likes she has that is similar to my mom’s, is the colour green.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.06.09 PM

Green Crochet Bracelet

So I made her a crochet bracelet, which coincidentally matches a necklace she has. Yay!

A long lost friend of mine got married recently and is moving away too. Perhaps if I stretch my hands far enough I can still be able to touch all these people whom I love who decided to settle down on different ends of the world. I’m glad I’m in the middle.

Janice and Han's Foldable Reversible Bag

Janice and Han’s Foldable Reversible Bag

Since travel is going to be part of her life now (I’m sure she’ll have to come home every now and them), I though a nice foldable bag would be convenient, especially for those unforeseen shopping items you tend to get at airports. Did I also mention it was reversible? Yea… I like things that are creative but also serve as multiple functions.

Lastly, as a favour to my brother-in-law, who recently graduated, I sewed his little graduation bear a graduation hat, since the original one got lost during the hassle of the convocation.

Graduation Bear

Graduation Bear


It’s true what they say about work. When it’s quiet, it’s quiet. But when it gets busy, you can’t catch a break. I’m not complaining though. I needed to pick up the needle again.


On a side note, I am willing to sign any petition that will bring Southland back. With the original gang. Please don’t let Cooper become just another sad story.


Sugar, Shakespeare and Me

Today feels like a day for me to sink my head into Shakespeare and get soaked in the rain. But who am I kidding. Everyday is a good day to do that.

Instead, I am on my way to Orchard to spend off all my vouchers.

Armed in my new Comic design skirt and Dr. Seuss converse shoes, I am going to run straight to the bookstore and indulge myself in some literature, fantasy and try not to get distracted by Tiffany’s just next door.

If only those vouchers could work in the bookstore. And Tiffany’s, for that matter.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I spent some time before the trip and the past few days working on this bag. I wanted to complete it before I blogged so that I could share it with you. The oval plastic hides the felt sweets inside while the embroidery and crochet keeps them framed in. A polymer clay cupcake hangs at the bottom of the oval and the strap is made of knitting yarn.

A little secret of this is that I used shoe clips as the buckles for the bag. You can see them where the 2 pink hearts are at.

I’m ready to bring it out for a run. Kino here I come!

Before I get myself lost in the train, I better check the map. 🙂