Pearly Whites Ate My Puzzle

Laogong has been down and out lately so I’ve been home bound and happy, cleaning his wound and taking care of little Ponton. Since I had so much time to spare, I ended up doing this.

Kingdom Hearts Puzzle

How I wasted My Time Away

There are 3 missing pieces, if you look closely. One was eaten and pooped-out by our little buddy and the other 2 got lost during the moving. Laogong was still a sweetheart to frame it up. I was all ready to just un-piece them and put it back into the box. Now I’m itching to make another.

Ponton is teething. That means a lot of biting, frustration, gum bleeding and discomfort. Not just for him but for us. And because of that, it is getting harder to brush his teeth.

Bunny Teeth Ponton

Check Out My Pearly Whites


He’s still ever so cuddly and soft. And I know how that can be hard to believe looking at the picture above.

The only sewing project I have of late is his socks. I’m just waiting for all my thoughts to line themselves out and present them to me in forms of images I can use to embroider onto pieces of cloth. In the mean time, my hands are going rough from all the detol I’m using, and not needles.