Green, Grad, Bags And A Little Southland Mourning

Whenever my parents meet up with my sis overseas, there’s always this eagerness to get her something, seeing that we seldom get to hang out anymore. I often wonder how different life would be if she lived nearby. But there’s no point in wondering about something that isn’t going to happen.

Much like my mom, actually, one of the few likes she has that is similar to my mom’s, is the colour green.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.06.09 PM

Green Crochet Bracelet

So I made her a crochet bracelet, which coincidentally matches a necklace she has. Yay!

A long lost friend of mine got married recently and is moving away too. Perhaps if I stretch my hands far enough I can still be able to touch all these people whom I love who decided to settle down on different ends of the world. I’m glad I’m in the middle.

Janice and Han's Foldable Reversible Bag

Janice and Han’s Foldable Reversible Bag

Since travel is going to be part of her life now (I’m sure she’ll have to come home every now and them), I though a nice foldable bag would be convenient, especially for those unforeseen shopping items you tend to get at airports. Did I also mention it was reversible? Yea… I like things that are creative but also serve as multiple functions.

Lastly, as a favour to my brother-in-law, who recently graduated, I sewed his little graduation bear a graduation hat, since the original one got lost during the hassle of the convocation.

Graduation Bear

Graduation Bear


It’s true what they say about work. When it’s quiet, it’s quiet. But when it gets busy, you can’t catch a break. I’m not complaining though. I needed to pick up the needle again.


On a side note, I am willing to sign any petition that will bring Southland back. With the original gang. Please don’t let Cooper become just another sad story.


A Locket To Keep You Close

I finally decided what I wanted to sew for Nili.

It has been 3 months and for a while I couldn’t sew anything because I was stuck thinking of what to sew for Nili after he left us. I wanted something that, like him, was silent and sweet. So I picked a colour that was soothing, and the thread to embroider on to be almost similar to the cloth so that the words do not stand out too much. Except for the heart, because we miss him so.

Nili's Locket

Nili’s Locket


Now all is left is for me to pick a good picture. It took a whole day of faulty internet in the office to get me sewing again. Hopefully this will put me back on track. Next up, a bag for Ponton’s thingamabob.

I now have 2 soft toy dogs.

I now have 2 soft toy dogs.

Like a newbie, I want to carry around so many things when I bring him out – his pee pads, his chew toys, some wet tissues… Well the last time we brought him out with all those stuff was to my in-laws’ for a few hours so I think it was called for.

But don’t think for a second that I am going to carry that huge soft toy around for him to play with! There isn’t a reasonable carry-on bag big enough and I already have my hands full with this mischievous little fellow.


My Skirt-ish Dilema

When I made this skirt, I was thinking about food – cupcakes, in particular.

My Cupcake Skirt

My Cupcake Skirt

I was in love with the yellow linen with white polka dots. It reminds me of vintage clothes that look so much better than the skimpy ones people seem to be wearing nowadays.

Everything seems to be getting smaller, clothes seem to be made with lesser cloth; the lesser, the better. Shirts, torn on the behind to reveal the bra, shorts, torn to reveal the pockets underneath… If it’s not torn, it shouldn’t be worn.

Anyway, I kept the yellow cloth long enough. I wanted to make a decent skirt out of it, to bring out its cuteness. So when I got the pink linen,  I though I’d pop it over the yellow one, pin it up with some flowers (woven from yarn) and buttons, make it look like a cupcake and voila! I’d have myself a skirt worthy of the cloth it’s been made from.

Of course now that it is finished, and has been for a while, I have no idea what to wear it with.

Just like many other clothes I get from stores. Why is that.

Test Tube Dreams

My dreams have been bringing me to different universes, opening my heart to different worlds and degrees of imagination. But I am not gifted in the art of drawing, so I cannot paint a beautiful picture to capture what I see. And I’m afraid the words will never be able to bring out the full essence of the dream.

I guess that’s what dreams are then, a memory unique to the one who dreamt it.

The weekend started with a Touch charity dinner on Friday night. Mom and Dad were unable to make it and so Laogong had to call up his friends to help fill up the seats. Being there made me ask myself when was the last time I made a donation. Dad has always been involved in charities and mom has always been the one helping others when they are in need – sometimes to a fault.

Touch Charity Dinner

Touch Charity Dinner

Our table of 9 won 6 prizes that night. I was never one to be lucky when it comes to lucky draws. I always win nothing. And when I do at those sure-win lucky draws, I always win the smallest prize. So when my name was called 3 times that night, I felt slightly embarrassed. It was not our intention, but we are certainly grateful.

I recall saying that I would post up pictures of the skirt I made of myself. While one is still in the laundry, this one is ready.

I wanted the colours to complement each other. So I chose a similar shade of green to make those buttons as those of the leaves on the skirt. As for the button loops, I crocheted cream-coloured yarn. I like how the yarn and the lace soften the overall look of the skirt. Tempted to make more, but awaiting nicer cloth designs.

Occasionally, I like to head down to the store to see what is on sale. It’s nice to let the cloth choose you instead of having you choose the cloth, if that even makes sense. 🙂

Jelly Bean Test tubes

Jelly Bean Test tubes

During my parents’ last visit to my sister’s, they  came back with these creative test tube jelly beans, among other things. I can’t wait to finish them and use them for beads or buttons. My sewing space in the office is getting a little messy and is in dire need of ‘inspirational organization’. That’s just my one in a hundred ways of procrastinating.

Sewing Therapy

The long weekend was spent recovering from a fall I took while attempting to jog, putting back what little fats I lost in that tumble and catching up on my movies and TV shows.

While mom and dad were away, I got to cook again and it got me thinking of all the things I would do if I needn’t be in the office. Building castles in the clouds over weekends is one of my favourite pastimes.

Mushroom Chicken On Butter Rice

Mushroom Chicken On Butter Rice

Spongebob Breakfast

Spongebob Breakfast


Friday night dinner taught me how long it takes my mom’s oven to bake potatoes. The next time, I’ll put it in before I take my shower. Saturday breakfast greeted us with a cheeky spongebob and some baked beans, which laogong doesn’t eat. What new things will I learn of my husband, I wonder. The only thing missing in that breakfast was the sausages.

Postsecret on Sewing

Postsecret on Sewing

Inspiration can be found anywhere if you widen your search. This week’s postsecret caught my eye when I saw the secret above. Perhaps it is not possible to understand the magnitude of what needles and thread  means to him/her. But it is nice to know someone else who finds them therapeutic.

Sewing can illustrate the world differently and bring out joy in people. And that is something I wish to share, or I hope I’m sharing now. 🙂

Keeping Busy

To keep myself busy, I decided to have some me-time and sew some skirts. Not able to take some good shots of it at the moment, but below is  a peek at what I’ve been up to.

Daisy Cupcake Skirt

Daisy Cupcake Skirt

You won’t be disappointed to know that I have also been keeping to schedule and making vintage stuff for next season.

Vintage ear stud - Pink Ribbon Rose

Vintage ear stud – Pink Ribbon Rose

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on. I’m trying to experiment with different texture and materials – yarn, ribbons, types of cloth. When I have my complete set, I will share it with you peeps.

Vontage brooch - Pink Ribbon Rose

Vintage brooch – Pink Ribbon Rose

While mom was packing, I saw her new purple sweater and couldn’t resist making this brooch for her, which will go nicely with the studs above if she had any piercings. It took her until I was 14 before she let me have my ears pierced. Never regretted it since.

I have been having dreams of Nili – dreams of him sick, dreams of me not letting him go, dreams of him telling me to let him go. But I’m not complaining. In dreams, I feel as though I can be close to him again. I need to put myself back together again,  just need to figure out where to start.

Those Eyes

The morning greeted me with a glitch on my computer but I hope it has been settled. I am never good with technologies and most of the time I go about it blindly. Needless to say I am hopeless when it comes to anything electronic. I’d sooner use a hammer on it than attempt to find out what’s wrong.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for it. It has brought me closer to you all out there and has helped me share my work and thoughts.

I needed to get myself off the self-pity wagon and what better to help me with it than a sewing project. Stephanie had recently grown a liking for Spongebob (who doesn’t like that boxy fella) and wanted a laptop cover with him on it.

Blink Blink!

Blink Blink!

What makes Spongebob so adorable is the amount of emotions he shows with his big round eyes. I wanted to give it more texture and dimension. So I decided against sewing just a simple white circle on. Instead, I did a diagonal laid filling. The rest sort of fell into place after that.

You Know It! - Spongebob

You Know It!

His nose, I noticed, is cuter when it pops out. So I did a woven picot for it. And with those cheeks in, you know he is smiling even without seeing his mouth. 🙂

When the whole thing is done, I shall share it with you. In the meantime, it’s back to the needles and threads again and counting down the hours till I go home to Nili for his next clean – one of my favourite time of the day.

Thank you, to those of you out there reading. It keeps me writing, which certainly helps right now. 🙂

Sugar, Shakespeare and Me

Today feels like a day for me to sink my head into Shakespeare and get soaked in the rain. But who am I kidding. Everyday is a good day to do that.

Instead, I am on my way to Orchard to spend off all my vouchers.

Armed in my new Comic design skirt and Dr. Seuss converse shoes, I am going to run straight to the bookstore and indulge myself in some literature, fantasy and try not to get distracted by Tiffany’s just next door.

If only those vouchers could work in the bookstore. And Tiffany’s, for that matter.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

I spent some time before the trip and the past few days working on this bag. I wanted to complete it before I blogged so that I could share it with you. The oval plastic hides the felt sweets inside while the embroidery and crochet keeps them framed in. A polymer clay cupcake hangs at the bottom of the oval and the strap is made of knitting yarn.

A little secret of this is that I used shoe clips as the buckles for the bag. You can see them where the 2 pink hearts are at.

I’m ready to bring it out for a run. Kino here I come!

Before I get myself lost in the train, I better check the map. 🙂

My Mom, The Ultimate Gamer

While my colleague is doing his monthly ritual of abusing the printer, I had a good time finishing my mom’s Angry Bird Pouch. She is the last person in the family to get an iPhone (and therefore always the one with the latest version) and now  holds the best score to all those word apps and Angry Bird games. And also for Mario, Scrabble, and all the sports games on our Wii and Xbox.

Red Angry Bird

Red Angry Bird

She had me make one of this to hang on her bag the last time. So I decided to go with something different this year.

Mom's Angry Bird Pouch

Mom’s Angry Bird Pouch

I think the thing that makes the pouch is the quote. And it took time to find one that says what I want to say, but in the end it is worth the while.

Julia Summers' Quote on Mothers

Julia Summers’ Quote on Mothers

Mother’s day is on the coming Sunday, but I’ll be off by then. So I guess I’ll leave it quietly by her bed before I leave for the airport. She’s probably screaming in her head right now at the dentist. Let’s hope this will cheer her up a little. 🙂

Here in the office, my colleague has took to abusing his mouse now. And for what I do not know. But I couldn’t care less, since I won’t be hearing those tiny incessant noises for the next few days. And I couldn’t be happier.

And for those of you out there reading, thank you so much. You are so much more than a bar on my stats chart of ‘number of visits’. 😉 I’m sorry I won’t be around the next week. But I hope to update you on my return with more than just boring details of my trip. I’ll keep my eyes open for inspiring crafts and sewing things to share with you!


Embroidered Faces #2

Nili has found comfort in his old friend Flounder.

Nili's old friend

Nili's old friend

Flounder was hidden under my sister’s bed. Every now and then, Nili would hop there to pay him a visit. During the moving, somehow we forgot about Flounder. That’s until the movers came and took my sister’s bed away.

Mom was about to throw Flounder away until I found him the other day, a bright and inviting yellow and blue in the open space of the now empty house. Nili remembered him instantly and started sniffing and playing with him.

It’s good to have some familiarity other than the old grandfather clock in this new home for Nili.

Embroidered Faces - My brother

Embroidered Faces - My brother

Exactly a week after my dad’s birthday is my brother’s birthday. Although we are not blood related, he is to me the brother I never had. With only a few days before we meet for his birthday dinner, I decided to embroider a picture of his girlfriend and him and attach it to a handmade book.

Let’s see how that goes tomorrow.

Right now, there are a few issues in my mind I wish to come to terms with, and a carrot that needs some chopping. Then, it’s off to bed to await the mid-week. Everyone knows the mid-week anticipation of the weekend is what makes those weekends so much more worth it.