Sewing Tidbits #1

Sewing can get a little tricky sometimes. Here are some tricks that I have learnt from books, experience, and my mom. 😉

1. Splitting Embroidery Thread

Earlier in a post, I did mention that splitting threads can be nasty, especially if you do it wrong. Here’s how NOT to get tangled in all that thread mess!

Splitting Embroidery Threads

(I’m using my right hand. If you’re a left hander, just imagine the reverse.)

  • With your left hand, hold the threads separately as shown in the picture. (I’m dividing my thread into 2 equal parts, therefore 3 threads on each section.)
  • With the other hand, use your thumb and index finger to twirl the threads (the 6 separate threads are usually twirled together into one). You are aiming to twirl it in the other direction.
  • With your middle finger of your right hand, slowly split the threads. Slide your middle finger between the threads to do this.
  • When you have reached a part of the thread that is about to tangle, twirl it again and then use your middle finger to slide down along the split section.

2. Threading your needle.

I used to thread through the eye of the needle with the tips of my thread. But it is hard to get all the individual threads into the eye at the same time. Worse, sometimes, it splits the thread. So this is how you to it

  • First, use your needle to make a ‘dent’ on your thread like this. Think of it as making a fold on your thread.

    Put the folded part into the eye of the needle

    • Now, thread the dented or folded part of the thread through the eye of the needle. That way your threads won’t split. And also, this is much more efficient and easy.

3. Securing a knot with nail varnish

When you’re finished with a stitch and want to secure the knot at the back of your piece, sometimes, you drop a little bit of clear nail varnish / nail polish at the knot. This is to further tighten the know and make sure it doesn’t come loose.

I hope the tidbits above helped you as much as it did me, and that the pictures made it easy to understand. I’m no photographer and it took me a whole hour trying to get the camera work with the mini tripod. Luckily no one was around to have a good laugh at me.