The New, The Old And The Ignorant

The past week was eventful.

Sometimes I forget that my blog can connect me to people I wish were not connected to my blog and I almost spilled the beans on why the past week was eventful. Anyhow, I learned from these events that sometimes, the world’s greatest battle is not poverty, or global warming, or pollution. It is our inexplicable inability to empathize.

We see it everyday on the bus, in the train, in the long bubble tea queue.

Someone thinks that in this cosmic universe, the world owes them a little more and so decides to let the rest of us pay for it. Yes. The ripples of selfishness know no end. I don’t know which is worse – that some are oblivious to their lack of empathy or that some continue to behave in a certain way inspite of being well aware of the selfish implications of their actions.

Either way, it is enough to deter me from leaving the house.

Before I become an agoraphobic, here are some other eventful things that happened the past week.

Colours Of The Strings

Colours Of The Strings

Dad’s old friend closed down her craft shop and left mom with lace, ribbons and embroidery threads. Mom gave them to me and now I have 100 more colours to play with. While I enjoy the occasional challenges of limitations, these new threads are so much fun, I almost peed in my pants when mom gave them to me!

Where's Number 1?

Where’s Number 1?

I got a really early birthday present from Laogong this weekend – my very own typewriter. No more backspacing to erase words, no more copy and past, no more troubles with auto correct and realignment! I always hated it when Words don’t allow me to align my cursor where I want it to be. Thank you Tappy Typewriter!

I’ll be off to to update this season’s new items, but I’ve also been busy with the year end’s season’s items.

Fishin' Dreamin'

Fishin’ Dreamin’

Don’t forget to pop over to shopoutoftheshell!

I’d better go do the laundry. Thankfully, this agoraphobic has both washer and dryer at home.


July to September theme: Vintage

With all that has been going one the last few months, I’m happy that I have these few items to show for next season. πŸ™‚

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Stationery


Coming up next week. πŸ™‚


Keeping Busy

To keep myself busy, I decided to have some me-time and sew some skirts. Not able to take some good shots of it at the moment, but below isΒ  a peek at what I’ve been up to.

Daisy Cupcake Skirt

Daisy Cupcake Skirt

You won’t be disappointed to know that I have also been keeping to schedule and making vintage stuff for next season.

Vintage ear stud - Pink Ribbon Rose

Vintage ear stud – Pink Ribbon Rose

Here’s a little something I’ve been working on. I’m trying to experiment with different texture and materials – yarn, ribbons, types of cloth. When I have my complete set, I will share it with you peeps.

Vontage brooch - Pink Ribbon Rose

Vintage brooch – Pink Ribbon Rose

While mom was packing, I saw her new purple sweater and couldn’t resist making this brooch for her, which will go nicely with the studs above if she had any piercings. It took her until I was 14 before she let me have my ears pierced. Never regretted it since.

I have been having dreams of Nili – dreams of him sick, dreams of me not letting him go, dreams of him telling me to let him go. But I’m not complaining. In dreams, I feel as though I can be close to him again. I need to put myself back together again,Β  just need to figure out where to start.


Lately I’ve been trying to find inspiration on vintage items from people and things. One night during a TV dinner, I was watching this.

Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smiled

In my mind, I keep pronouncing it as “Mona Lisa’s Smile” and I cannot get around it. Anyway, they have lovely fashion – the dresses and earrings are so lovely. While I may not be able to make the clothes (no surprise there) I’d like to try making the earrings. Mom and I went to the spotlight sales yesterday and I managed to get some materials. But I’ve been too caught up with my new things that I forgot to bring the camera to upload pics. I shall remember the next time.

After spotlight, we went out to a fairly new part of the island for dinner and the night view, if you can ignore the lights of the restaurants at the back, is lovely. However, somehow my phone refuses to send the picture to my email for me to put it up here.

The reflection of the moon by the river last night reminded me of a very nice mandarin song I used to listen to a lot when I was back in school. It’s all very melancholic, which is why I shouldn’t indulge in it too much. Perhaps the day view is more cheerful. I’ll post it up tomorrow.

Nili’s condition has been weighing on all of us. It is getting harder to stay cheerful in front of him, but we do try. The little guy is practically bed ridden, cozy-ing up under his blanket at night and munching on yogurt bits throughout the day. He has all of us bowing to his needs, his royal highness. πŸ™‚

Tired Bunny

Tired Bunny





Stumbling Upon A Travel Book

I completed the Spongebob laptop case the evening of my last post. Should get to sending it out (sorry Steph). But I did promise to share the end product with you all, so here it is.

Spongebob Laptop bag complete

Spongebob Laptop bag complete

I’m sorry I won’t be able to keep it for myself. πŸ™‚

A friend of mine from Paris was here with her father last week on a stopover to Indonesia. They’ll be back again next week on another stopover before returning home and this time, instead of embarrassing myself meeting them empty handed, I want to give her something. In keeping in line with the theme for next season, I’ve decided on a vintage travel book.

'pin an' Lantern

‘pin an’ Lantern

It’s not quite finished yet, but here is a peek at the cover page – a chinese lantern with the words ‘pin an’ meaning safe.Β  It was a joy sewing this lantern – from the ribbon flowers all the way to the yellow tassel. The yellow smudge on the blue cloth is to show a shadow-y effect of how a lantern would look were it to be lit. Right now I’m eagerly waiting for the glue to dry to I can complete this book. It’s nice to garner inspiration from the people in my life.

Tired Bunny

Tired Bunny

The little fellow has been stumbling about the house. It is getting increasingly hard for him to get anywhere with that extra weight on his leg. So he’s being treated like an emperor, having food and water brought to him and getting to eat his favourite treats more. I went to the pet store the other day to pick up his favourite fruit bites when a salesgirl recommended me some food for Nili. Upon hearing that Nili was sick and perhaps leaving us soon, she gave me some treats for free, making sure I got them by letting the cashier know.

Sometimes the world throws you a pleasant surprise by reminding you of the power of kindness. Thank you, stranger. Nili really enjoys the treats.

Handmade Vintage Chinese Notebook And My Sleepless Nights

Old Chinese Notebook

Old Chinese Notebook

This was something I have been wanting to make for a while. And since it goes with next season’s theme – which I have yet to reveal – I thought I’d kill 2 birds with 1 stone by making the first one as a present.

Old Chinese Book - Embroidered Faces

Old Chinese Book - Embroidered Faces

It has 20 pages of blank black paper for photos and a thin rice paper in between each sheet so the photographs will not stick to each other. Also, in between each page is an open folder.

Making that reminded me of the folder/book I meant to make for myself to properly store notes of previous work.

Organizing up

Organizing up

Each page is actually an envelope for me to store all the drafts and pictures and notes on each item I have made since starting up Out Of The Shell. These envelopes are glued and sewn together into a book. So I’ll get one book for each season.

Recently I have been having trouble sleeping and concentrating on anything, even sewing. So I spend my time watching movies and TV shows. In the past few days I have watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Hulk (Edward Norton’s), Water For Elephants, The Green Hornet, New York I Love You and the whole of American Horror Story.

When I’m not watching my shows, I’m in the living room with Nili.

With His KaiLan Leaves

With His KaiLan Leaves

Perhaps I am worrying too much about things that I’ve been putting off. We’d all like to think that our problems are larger than they are to give us an excuse for the state we’re in.

I think I just have not had my favourite bubble tea for far too long. Sometimes a girl just needs her drink.


Embroidered Faces #2

Nili has found comfort in his old friend Flounder.

Nili's old friend

Nili's old friend

Flounder was hidden under my sister’s bed. Every now and then, Nili would hop there to pay him a visit. During the moving, somehow we forgot about Flounder. That’s until the movers came and took my sister’s bed away.

Mom was about to throw Flounder away until I found him the other day, a bright and inviting yellow and blue in the open space of the now empty house. Nili remembered him instantly and started sniffing and playing with him.

It’s good to have some familiarity other than the old grandfather clock in this new home for Nili.

Embroidered Faces - My brother

Embroidered Faces - My brother

Exactly a week after my dad’s birthday is my brother’s birthday. Although we are not blood related, he is to me the brother I never had. With only a few days before we meet for his birthday dinner, I decided to embroider a picture of his girlfriend and him and attach it to a handmade book.

Let’s see how that goes tomorrow.

Right now, there are a few issues in my mind I wish to come to terms with, and a carrot that needs some chopping. Then, it’s off to bed to await the mid-week. Everyone knows the mid-week anticipation of the weekend is what makes those weekends so much more worth it.

Keeping Loved Ones Close

Looks like I got my wish. It’s been raining thunderstorms and lightning all day, a nice break from the hot weather. But then it will be very troublesome for some people and dangerous for drivers.

Pocket Watch Locket

Pocket Watch Locket

I managed to finish my weekend project for next season’s items – a pocket-watch locket. I like carrying a piece of my loved ones around. Maybe that’s where my obsession with lockets come about. For this locket, the blue yarn, red beads and gold chain makes for a very vivid and vintage looking piece, something different for me.

Many of my favourite people celebrate their birthday this month.

Ella Fitzgerald will always be a warm nightly companion to put on and turn up on a nice drizzly evening.

The witness at my wedding, my brother, also celebrates his birthday this month. My fondest memories of him are of times when he would bring me out late at night to enjoy the night scene here in Singapore. Not pubs and clubs, but nice hidden corners and quiet spots with good food where we can hang out with friends and catch up. One night, on one of our nightly outings, he carried me on his shoulders and ran across the pedestrian crossing. Without much difference in height and weight between us, I am amazed that he did it without breaking a sweat!

Dad's Camera

Dad's Camera

My dad celebrates his birthday on the 22nd of this month. Like every girl, my dad is my superman, santa claus and chauffeur all rolled into one. As a man who feels that he has everything he needs, it is always hard to get him a gift. My mom usually brings him out for dinner or cooks him a nice Chinese meal. Sis and I usually find something related to golf for his birthday. But since that is getting old, I though maybe this year, I should get him something related to his other hobby – photography.

Turns out it fits nicely into next season’s items as well. After some research and some drawing and cutting, now all that’s left is the colour combination. Exciting stuff. πŸ™‚

As for my brother, I made it a little something years ago when I was in university overseas. But since it is a little, how shall I put it, rude to show it here, I guess I’ll have to post it another day.

The best gifts are the ones people still keep many years later. My brother still uses the thing I made him and my dad keeps everything I made him on his bedside table. With family like this, it’s no wonder I prefer to stay close to home.

One of Those Restless Mondays

It is feeling like a very lazy and hot Monday, and turning out to be one of those days where I don’t feel like doing anything at all.

If I could, I would curl up under my blanket and sleep until it is time to eat. Then I’ll turn on my favourite movie or TV show and have a TV dinner under warm light and a nice cup of root beer float.

But it is not to be. It is one of those days where lots of things are crowding my head space. At times like these, I try to remember to take it one problem at a time. As usual, things are always easier said than done.

The Interior Designers and Their Carpenter

The Interior Designers, Their Carpenter, and My Dad

The weekend gave us time to catch up with a few newly made friends. Mom and Dad decided to treat the interior designers and their carpenter who worked on the new home to a nice Korean buffet dinner. They were enthusiastic, passionate and patient with us, not to mention understanding towards my parent’s design criteria.

We are very fortunate to meet people who are not only dedicated to their job and their finished product, but also people who have become good friends of ours

The long weekend also gave me time to make a new locket for the next season’s theme.

Sewing On Sundays

Sewing On Sundays

But with the way I’m feeling right now, I’d much prefer to be home lazing around with Nili.

With Nili

With Nili



The House Is Now A Home

Mom has been having a tiring time getting the house all tidied up. Just this morning, she went to buy some flowers to put in the living room.

Tiny things, like an orange rose, the computer screen cleaner in the shape of a car, and my sister’s soft toys (we still leave her a room even though she is miles away), make this house a warm and cozy home. And together with this breath taking view, I can just sit in the living room all day.

Gone are the days where we sip our drinks in a cafe. Mom’s living room is perfect for that. And with Dad’s sound system, I can play some Ella and Norah and have a good cup of hot chocolate with Nili by my side.


Since the home is more or less all cleaned up, I was back in the office this week and managed to start on some designs for the next season’s theme.

I’m having a wonderful time creating next season’s items. When you wonder down a new and unfamiliar path, with a little bit of determination, you can do things you never thought you were capable of doing. Of course with that comes certain responsibilities, like very thing else in life.

Right now, I am learning and living this journey, as obligingly as I can.

Happy easter and good friday to all.

Happy Easter! *sniff sniff!

Happy Easter! *sniff sniff!