Pearly Whites Ate My Puzzle

Laogong has been down and out lately so I’ve been home bound and happy, cleaning his wound and taking care of little Ponton. Since I had so much time to spare, I ended up doing this.

Kingdom Hearts Puzzle

How I wasted My Time Away

There are 3 missing pieces, if you look closely. One was eaten and pooped-out by our little buddy and the other 2 got lost during the moving. Laogong was still a sweetheart to frame it up. I was all ready to just un-piece them and put it back into the box. Now I’m itching to make another.

Ponton is teething. That means a lot of biting, frustration, gum bleeding and discomfort. Not just for him but for us. And because of that, it is getting harder to brush his teeth.

Bunny Teeth Ponton

Check Out My Pearly Whites


He’s still ever so cuddly and soft. And I know how that can be hard to believe looking at the picture above.

The only sewing project I have of late is his socks. I’m just waiting for all my thoughts to line themselves out and present them to me in forms of images I can use to embroider onto pieces of cloth. In the mean time, my hands are going rough from all the detol I’m using, and not needles.



Chewing, Gnawing And Cooking

Mom bought this awesome Korean recipe book and I have been more than eager to try some of the recipes in it. Yesterday, I got my chance.



The Bibimbab turned out better than I expected and it is an easy dish to cook. The only thing missing was soup. Next time, I am going to add more ingredients that I like – baby corn, potatoes, and maybe even some kimchi chicken.

In between his biting and barking, I get a little peace and quiet when our little buddy has his toys to entertain him.

Bat Ears

Bat Ears

Like an alarm clock, he wakes us up at 6 every morning and whines for his breakfast. Of course the lazy me will go back to sleep for another half an hour. Before you start to lecture me, his breakfast time is 6.30.

Now that he is still teething, he is biting everything he can. The chair, the clothes hanger, laogong’s uniform (at least he tries) and his favourite tissue papers and newspapers. The good thing is he never swallows them. The bad thing is I have to move everything away and out of his reach. And he is getting taller and stronger. His nose can reach the kitchen counter when he jumps!

The little fellow has been making friends too. Some terriers, a shih tzu, a beagle, a retriever and even a very handsome and extremely friendly border collie. And since Laogong’s good friend just recently got a toy poodle, I hope they get to meet soon too.

While Ponton is getting busy with his paws, I should be getting busy with mine too. Off to making Steph’s brother’s laptop case! It has been dragging on for too long.

A Locket To Keep You Close

I finally decided what I wanted to sew for Nili.

It has been 3 months and for a while I couldn’t sew anything because I was stuck thinking of what to sew for Nili after he left us. I wanted something that, like him, was silent and sweet. So I picked a colour that was soothing, and the thread to embroider on to be almost similar to the cloth so that the words do not stand out too much. Except for the heart, because we miss him so.

Nili's Locket

Nili’s Locket


Now all is left is for me to pick a good picture. It took a whole day of faulty internet in the office to get me sewing again. Hopefully this will put me back on track. Next up, a bag for Ponton’s thingamabob.

I now have 2 soft toy dogs.

I now have 2 soft toy dogs.

Like a newbie, I want to carry around so many things when I bring him out – his pee pads, his chew toys, some wet tissues… Well the last time we brought him out with all those stuff was to my in-laws’ for a few hours so I think it was called for.

But don’t think for a second that I am going to carry that huge soft toy around for him to play with! There isn’t a reasonable carry-on bag big enough and I already have my hands full with this mischievous little fellow.


Ponton’s Diary #1

It has been almost a month since we got ourselves a puppy and I am all tired out.

Overly paranoid that he will hurt himself, even though time and again he has proven my worries unnecessary, I rush back from appointments, work and meet ups. In my mind, many worst-case scenarios flash by – what if he tries to climb out of his crib and falls and gets pinned, what if he poops and dirties himself, what if he is frightened all alone.

I always come home to see him in mint condition, having slept peacefully, tail wagging waiting for a cuddly welcome.

Amidst the multiple vet trips (for his cough and diarrhea) and the nightmare of bathing and drying him down, his blue/brown eyes and soft paws can’t keep me angry for long. He will crawl to hide under my mini TV stand and pop his head out from under, ears standing up right, listening to me laughing at how adorably silly he looks.

That doesn’t mean I am not tired out at night and dread waking up in the morning for his breakfast. Sometimes, I think I’m a little unfair to Laogong, making him wake up instead of me. But if he is upset about it, I wouldn’t know – he does it without complains.

Disciplining him is as much fun as it is a chore. While I want to pamper him and smother him with affection (it is sometimes hard to remember he is a puppy, not a baby), I learn that it is better to be harsh now and have a well behaved dog later than to suffer from my leniency. After all, no one likes a dog who isn’t friendly.

I still keep Nili’s picture on my phone and desktop as my wall paper. His picture is still framed up in my room and on my table at work. And while he was no dog, he taught me many things about taking care of little Ponton.

Sometimes it gets a little hard, I still cannot bring myself to  change my wallpapers on my electronics. And I know my parents feel the same way. But we all know that Little P will not take Nili’s place. There is room enough in our hearts to love them both.

This predecessor will not be forgotton.

This Is Not A Puppy Love

I have been absent for more than a week, and will be next week too. Sometimes, the ink runs dry and the thread runs thin. Not of ideas, but it simply just does.

So I did what any normal person would do to cure this sudden lack of motivation. I went out and got  a puppy, bought all the barang barang for our new little addition to the family, and created a whole new pool of worries for myself.

I’m not complaining. So far the little active fella has gotten me less than 5 hours of sleep at night, used up 2 rolls of paper towel, and in a moment of excitement, bitten my mom on her foot.

With Nili is warm in our hearts – and I know that a dog is a big step from a rabbit – I’m hoping I don’t mess up being a good care taker of this puppy Sheltie.

Speaking of paternal love and dogs, here‘s one article that will make anyone with a heart tear.


My Night’s Companion

Apart from being called an auntie, there isn’t much things to complain about. (There’s another testimony to attest to my lack of fashion sense.)

This weekend was another weekend to catch up with friends and contemplate on relationships formed in my life.

Somehow, catching up with friends always equate to sugary delights that leave me with a sense of guilt and pleasure. Although, I seem to be the only one becoming progressively bad looking, while my friends seem healthier and slimmer. This is of course no fault of mine but the absolute fault of the Phish Food ice cream and tasty Korean potato chips Laogong have been feeding me the past 2 weeks.

Oh, and the swimming pool being under repair.

The Durian

The Durian

In the city world I live in, it is sometimes easy to get our priorities wrong. Sometimes life happens and we forget the important things we should keep close to our hearts, making us sacrifice time and people we shouldn’t sacrifice.

Sometimes, we forget that the best thing we can do is to simply be a presence in one’s life.

When did just being around lose its importance? When did just being around become so hard?

Little Ollie

Little Ollie

In case you’re wondering, Ollie is the name of Ricky Gervais’s cat. The one in the picture above is obviously not his cat. But someone left some food for this stray by the steps where I was waiting for the bus tonight. In less than  minute she finished her food and proceeded to show me her adorable back silhouette.

Something about a cat being fed by a stranger that changes the mood of that night for me.

Conversations With Nili

Nili had to be rushed to the vet yesterday night. Not the ending to a shopping day I was expecting. Then again, no one expects such things. If I haven’t already done so, or have tricked myself into thinking I have, I should seriously prepare myself.

His right eye has a serious infection. His left eye teared before and so I thought that when it happened to his right eye, it was normal. But when we got home last night, his eye was swollen with yellow pus.

My heart was beating so fast, it got so heavy, I felt I couldn’t breath properly. The vet told me the usual – that right now it’s not about curing, but making his last days more comfortable. How did that become the usual.

I could hear what the vet was saying, but I couldn’t listen. Perhaps because I was just too weary to listen. My mind stopped absorbing all that the vet was saying. All I could feel was my heart getting too heavy for me to stand straight, like my blood was slowly being drained out, making my hands cold and shaking.

One couldn’t guess what pain he’s going through. He doesn’t show it. He still hops around asking for food and he still has the strength to bite you if you anger him. I refuse to believe that he’d give up. He’d tell me when he’s ready. I know.

I told my mom that I’d stay home today because the vet told me that Nili needed supervision. While that is true, it is mostly because I wanted to feel close to him. Every now and then, I’d turn my head, or go out to the living room, or take a peek from the corners of my eyes just to see if he needed something.

Right now I think I need him more than he needs me.


It’s Always Home When Love Is There

The morning greeted me with huge dark clouds and I was looking forward to another rainy day. But the moment I left for work, it cleared up. No matter, I can always go to this website for some rainy mood.

As promised, I managed to finish the other part of yesterday’s project.

It's always home when love is there

It will be something nice to give my mom, so that she can carry a piece of us wherever she goes.

I realised that I have yet to put up a clear picture of Steph’s Locket on the blog, although I have already uploaded it on my flickr. Here’s how the finished product looks.

Sean And Steph