Obsession: Makeup Brushes & Vintage Jewellery

A quick update on what I’ve been up to of late.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.33.51 PM

Still dizzy over crochet jewellery. The one on the left is made with nylon strings; the one of the right with wire. Found out about Gloom card games a few months back and couldn’t resist the art work on these transparent cards. So I used it and turned it into a glass-tile pendant.

Vintage Glass tile Ring

Vintage Glass tile Ring


Speaking of glass tile jewellery, here’s one with my chubby hands. I stole the flower from this card my mom received years ago from a I-can’t-remember-what company. It’s good to keep those mails and pamphlets you receive. They will one day come in handy when you are caught bored in the office with hours to kill.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.31.29 PM


While googling (“google” should be added to the dictionary, seeing that when you right-click on the red-underlined “google”, the phrase “search Google for google” comes up) ways to keep my makeup brushes, a picture of makeup brushes neatly placed on a bamboo mat appeared. So I thought I could make myself one.

I don’t like placing them in a container. Mostly because I don’t use them very often so I don’t want them to be sitting there collecting dust. I spent some time looking for a vintage straw dispenser to hold my brushes so that at least there is a lid over them. But I couldn’t find one. In the end, all I needed was a trip to Daiso, 2 sushi mats, some elastic band, a lot of patience and a couple of hours to make this sushi mat makeup brush holder to display all my brushes conveniently.

Now, all that’s left is to make a simple bag to keep those rolled up mats.


A Locket To Keep You Close

I finally decided what I wanted to sew for Nili.

It has been 3 months and for a while I couldn’t sew anything because I was stuck thinking of what to sew for Nili after he left us. I wanted something that, like him, was silent and sweet. So I picked a colour that was soothing, and the thread to embroider on to be almost similar to the cloth so that the words do not stand out too much. Except for the heart, because we miss him so.

Nili's Locket

Nili’s Locket


Now all is left is for me to pick a good picture. It took a whole day of faulty internet in the office to get me sewing again. Hopefully this will put me back on track. Next up, a bag for Ponton’s thingamabob.

I now have 2 soft toy dogs.

I now have 2 soft toy dogs.

Like a newbie, I want to carry around so many things when I bring him out – his pee pads, his chew toys, some wet tissues… Well the last time we brought him out with all those stuff was to my in-laws’ for a few hours so I think it was called for.

But don’t think for a second that I am going to carry that huge soft toy around for him to play with! There isn’t a reasonable carry-on bag big enough and I already have my hands full with this mischievous little fellow.


My Skirt-ish Dilema

When I made this skirt, I was thinking about food – cupcakes, in particular.

My Cupcake Skirt

My Cupcake Skirt

I was in love with the yellow linen with white polka dots. It reminds me of vintage clothes that look so much better than the skimpy ones people seem to be wearing nowadays.

Everything seems to be getting smaller, clothes seem to be made with lesser cloth; the lesser, the better. Shirts, torn on the behind to reveal the bra, shorts, torn to reveal the pockets underneath… If it’s not torn, it shouldn’t be worn.

Anyway, I kept the yellow cloth long enough. I wanted to make a decent skirt out of it, to bring out its cuteness. So when I got the pink linen,  I though I’d pop it over the yellow one, pin it up with some flowers (woven from yarn) and buttons, make it look like a cupcake and voila! I’d have myself a skirt worthy of the cloth it’s been made from.

Of course now that it is finished, and has been for a while, I have no idea what to wear it with.

Just like many other clothes I get from stores. Why is that.

My Obsession With Korean Food

Cold Wheat Noodles

Cold  Noodles

Today is a day for Korean/Japanese delicacy.

The cold noodles is the easiest meal to prepare and it is definitely healthier than cooking instant noodles. Heavy eaters might find this too little but it is filling enough for me.

My trip to Daiso the other day and this afternoon’s lunch made me crave for more Korean food. So I decided to take out the ol’ recipe and make myself some Samgak Kimbab.

Samgak Kimbab

Samgak Kimbab


It looks more like an Onigiri, I know. To make a Samgak Kimbab, I needed the proper sized and shaped seaweed, but I couldn’t find it at the nearest supermarket. Also, I do not have a mold to make the triangular shape – which defines the Samgak Kimbab – only a container I bought from Disneyland some time ago to keep it in.

So I had to compromise.

The Rice

The rice needs to be suitable for sushi making. Supermarkets usually sell them, but in smaller quantities. Some soak the rice before cooking. But I have no patience. I pop in into the rice cooker and then put the cooked rice into a bowl covered by a moist cloth to let it cool. You might want to coat the bowl with sesame oil so that the rice does not stick to it.

Once the rice has cooled, I stir in the rice or apple vinegar and brown sugar mix with a pinch of salt. Generally, I use a table spoon of sugar with 2 table spoon of vinegar. But it’s best if you judge that yourself.

The ingredient

You can put anything you want into the Samgak Kimbab. The ones I eat in Korea are either tuna, spicy chicken or Kimchi. For laogong, I mashed up some crabsticks and mixed them with a bit of Japanese Mayo. For mine, I stuck with tuna with tomato and onion.

Shaping The Triangle – with a plastic bag

Because I don’t have a mold, I use things I can find at home – a clean clear plastic bag used to store food. I cut it open and line it with a little sesame oil, put some rice and some of the ingredient in, wrap it up and slowly squeeze it into a triangle. Finish this with the seaweed and you are done!
To have a clearer idea, you can watch this video. Helped me with many lunches when I was overseas.

My Green Tea Face Wash Gives Me Japanese Gourmet Dreams

Mommy went to Spotlight and I thought I’d tag along to get some new fabric. Then we had Sukiyaki for dinner. Mom and dad always said that dinner was for family to sit together to eat and talk about our day. Looking around and seeing people with phones and tablets over their dinner table, I’m glad they instilled this habit into me. More importantly, I’m glad I have my family with me, and they are such a family to have.

NIght At Home

NIght At Home

The night view here is as peaceful looking as it is during the day. I noticed the 2 clouds that looked like 2 pieces of a puzzle that fit and couldn’t help but take a picture.

Nili still has not ventured into the balcony. Since he was a little bunny, he was taught not to go to the balcony for fear of him falling off. I guess that stuck with him.

Natural Cure

Natural Cure

Dad has been giving him these leaves that he plants on his own (he likes gardening although it is hard to do so in Singapore houses). It is suppose to be a natural cure for cancer. It is a little to late, since Nili’s lump has grown back to its fullest, but Nilis loves them! He’d gobble up 2 leaves at a go.

Speaking of natural cure, I tried a green tea wash last night.

Geen Tea Wash

Geen Tea Wash

I have always suffered from pimple problems. And only in the past year have I actually gone looking for a good wash. Pimples didn’t really bothered me in the past even when friends and family commented on it. But it has started to affect me.

I didn’t want to go overboard and spend a fortune on facial products. Although, I admit I have spent more than I’d prefer. So I decided to look for some homemade remedies. I mean, why not? You feel accomplished only when you do things with your own two hands. 🙂

I went surfing and found this green tea wash and decided to try it myself. It is fuss free, cheap and easy.

I chill a nice bowl of green tea. The one in the picture is too much. So if you’re trying it maybe half to 3/4 of that would suffice. I use powdered green tea, but I read that those bags one do just fine.

Then I damp my face towel in warm water – warm enough to be comfortable and relaxing, but not too hot that it burns.

I cover my face with the towel until the towel loses its heat. Then I first wash my face with the green tea and next use my face towel to do a gentle scrub.

The next morning, the red pimples on my face were slightly less swollen and my skin felt softer and cleaner.

Or it may just be my imagination. 😉 These things take time.

I shall continue my quest for cleaner and healthier skin using my green tea face wash and keep you updated. In the mean time, I am having dreams of Japanese gourmet from sleeping to the smell of Green tea, and I’m loving it.

My Glittery Glossy 3D Embroidered Camera Flash

Nili is getting more and more choosy with his food. Only crunchy bits for him with mango and guava on the side. No more celery. He’s growing an expensive taste.

But I am thankful for everyday that he is eating well.

Glittery Camera Flash

Glittery Camera Flash

While sewing the vintage camera for my dad, I needed ideas for making the flash glossy, glittery and shiny. So I used some glitter nail varnish / polish and diamond glaze.

Make the flash glitter

make the flash glitter

The diamond based 3D adhesive was bought on etsy a long time ago from Kristen Krafts, which can be used for making your own tile necklaces or basically protecting any tiny pictures you wish to put on your work, giving it a glossy, 3D look.

The nail varnish / polish was a mistake-purchase from Faceshop. The sales person was so nice that I felt bad leaving without getting anything. Yes, I am weak that way.

So after sewing on a running stitch for the perimeter of the flash with some grid lines inside (the perimeter is important as is stops the glue from flowing out of the area you want the glue to be on), I painted the flash with some glitter varnish / polish. To make the glitter stay in place, I added some Diamond Glaze, which also helps in giving it a 3D and glossy look.

I’m thinking of using it for some disco ball design or some night sky design, but that is another project for another day.

In the mean time, I feel like taking a break from making season’s items and going back to making myself a dress, after going through Ooobop. It’s very frustrating but challenging at the same time. If I don’t try, who knows what I can come up with? Any ideas on what kind of dress I should make?

Making a circle skirt for the long weekend

Yesterday night, the day got worst when I lost my keys to the newly changed door lock. I couldn’t have felt worse. I really need to learn to have grace under pressure.

Anyhow, today is a brand new day of a short week so there is nothing to be sad about. 🙂 As promised, I shall continue yesterday’s post.

We shall continue with the waistband template.

Drawing the waistband template

Waistband - template

Waistband - template

It is not always possible to draw a straight 28 inches long band, so, if you have a long ruler, you can choose to draw 1/3 the length of your waist band, or 1/2 like I did.

Now that you have both your circle and waistband templates, you can transfer this onto your cloth to cut both pieces out.

From Template To Cloth: Waistband

Waistband - paper to cloth

Waistband - paper to cloth

If you were like me and draw 1/2 of your waistband on your paper, you can draw out 2 of your template onto your cloth this manner and cut it out.






From Template To Cloth: Circle Skirt

paper to cloth - circle skirt

paper to cloth - circle skirt

You may choose to cut out your circle either way. However, if you wish to put a zip at the side of the skirt, which you most likely have to, you should cut out semi circles.

Always remember, when cutting, to leave allowance on the edges of the cloth for when sewing.


Now, all you’re left with is joining the pieces up! I hope this  tutorial helped you in getting the template for a circle skirt and starting your journey to making you first skirt. I’m no expert and also just beginning to try my hands on this. I guess it’s just nice to share what you have learnt.

If you have any new techniques to add or any mistakes I’ve made to correct, please do share.

Have fun! 🙂

Making a Circle Skirt on a Frog’s Rainy Day

“Sometimes, even frogs have rainy days.”

When I’m feeling a little worse for the weather, I just want to listen to the sound of a drizzle and turn on some Ella Fitzgerald. Sometimes, I can’t even put a finger to what it is that makes me feel this way and I just want to wish myself away to my tiny shell of a dream world until I feel better and want a nice chocolate chips cookie and a mug of marshmallow hot chocolate.

So here I am, with my headphones stuck in my ears, looking at my work desk, thinking of what I missed that made me feel this world. And I am coming up with a blank.

So I’ve decided to share with you a little side project I did before all the shifting and moving started, which by the way, is not over yet.

Circle Skirt with Tank Top

Using one of my mom’s old tank tops, and a piece of cloth I picked up from the $5 basket in a craft shop, I made myself a brand new dress. It’s a good way to reuse old clothes and clothes lying around. To make this easy to understand, I will go step by step. Here is what you will end up with:

1 quater of a circle and 1 waist band

A quarter of a circle and a long strip for your waist band.

Here’s what you need:

newspaper, 1 tank top, 1 piece of cloth for your skirt and waist band, long ruler, measuring tape, pencil.

If 1 newspaper is not big enough, you can choose to either join more pieces of newspaper together, or just draw and cut out a semi circle or a quarter of a circle for your template.

Now that you are ready, let’s begin!

Step 1: Measurements

Make sure you get all your measurements right for the skirt (here I’m using my own measurements)

waist 28 inches, length of skirt from waist 16 inches, length of waist band is same as the waist, width of waist band 2 inches.

Step 2. Template for circle skirt – Calculations

Imagine you want to make a purple skirt. This is how the template of your skirt or the top view of your skirt should look like:

Circle Skirt Template - Whole circle skirt template

Now, we do not need to draw the whole circle, we only need a semi circle or a quarter to cut out a template.

In this case, usually a quarter is enough and easier to handle.


First, we will have to do some calculations. Here’s how:

Circle Skirt Template 2

Points A to B is the radius of the inner circle – which is what we need to calculate.

Points B to C is the length of your skirt – in my case it is 16 inches.

Points A to C is the radius of the outer circle – not important.

What we need is the Radius of the inner circle so that we can draw a perfect curve to cut your template out with.

To calculate a radius: (waist length / 3.14) / 2 = (28 inches / 3.14) / 2 = 8.91 / 2 = 4.45inches. Therefore, points A to B is 4.45 inches.

Step 3: Drawing onto the newspaper:

For the purpose of this section, I am drawing onto a smaller piece of paper so that it is easier for me to take pictures.

Circle Skirt Template - Folding

Circle Skirt Template - Folding

First, take your paper and fold in into 4 like the picture below.

Circle Skirt Template - start drawing at this corner

Circle Skirt Template - start drawing at this corner






You want to start drawing your inner circle first. Start with this corner.

Circle Skirt Template - Drawing inner cirlce






Next, use a ruler to dot the point of 4.45 inches from the tip of the paper. Join the dots to draw the curve of the inner circle.

Circle Skirt Template - Drawing the outer circle



Do the same for the outer circle.

Using a ruler, mark with a dot where the 16 inches point is from the inner curve.

Join the dots.

Circle Skirt Template - cutting

Circle Skirt Template - cutting



Now, you can cut out the inner circle and the outer circle.

Circle Skirt Template - final piece

Circle Skirt Template - final piece




Open up the outer circle to get the full circle.





And your template is done!
Tomorrow, I will put up the rest of the tutorial – waist band template and cutting out the cloth from the template. In the meantime, have a lovely rest of the day! 😉