Until Both Our Cars Collide

With the recent news of MCR’s breakup, I not only weep for the concerts I will never go to, and the new songs I will never hear, I also weep for the fact that the music world has lost another great.

It may seem on the surface that My Chemical Romance is but another group among many others who produced rage songs motivated by silly anger issues and emotional baggages. But theirs are words and music of raw emotions. Their music grew, as they grew from boys to men, from boyfriends to husbands, from sons to fathers. And I am glad I grew up with them and saw them make such music in a time where the music industry churns out songs that don’t even make any sense but manage to make it to the top.

This is a band who came together and created songs that to me are like poems with music. And so when I found videos of their songs sung acoustically, without compromising their fundamentals, I thought to myself how amazing.

How Gerard Way manages to sing with such passion, opened to the world, baffles me. It makes me want to dive into that mind of his. I imagine it would be a world full of animation. (I stop myself before I dive in too deep. It somehow seems wrong and redundant anyway.)

The public still can enter but a window into his mind, though. He has written and will be writing comic books, all historical, intelligent and creative. And I’m sure if you googled him, you’ll find many pictures of his work, stories of his life, and that wonderful letter on twitlonger that he wrote about MCR’s demise.

But I’d rather live in this idea that I have of MCR. An idea that somehow transforms itself into a world of its own, inspiring and assiduous. Afterall, in Gerard Way’s own words, MCR is an idea. And those don’t die.

If you only have time for 1, listen to Helena, the accoustic version. It just gets to me somehow.


Summer Flowers On A Winter’s Day

I don’t have much to say these days. I fear my inspiration is wearing thin. I only sew if there is someone to sew for. I don’t want to sew to sell, I want to sew to give. I’m not sure that’s going to put rice on the table.

I need to find a new sense of purpose in my embroidery.

Recently my ghost friend no more left for India for a short student exchange programme. I thought that, since that was the case, a sari-colour inspired notebook would be fitting, to record all her colourful experiences.

Sari-colour Inspired Notebook

Sari-colour Inspired Notebook


My current, and some-what on-going, craze has been ribbon flowers. These are the things I’ve been experimenting on lately.

Flower Badges

Flower Badges


I guess I need to start making things I’d actually wear or use. One thing I can’t seem to find is alphabetized notebooks – where the pages are divided by alphabets. They only have that as address books. But I want one to write notes down for future reference. Anyone every wanted one of those?

That shall be my next project.


Let’s Go Artificial Jellyfishin’

The weekend came early this week when laogong spent Friday home with me catching up on our favourite shows.

Peek Into My Notebook

Peek Into My Notebook

I’ve been doing some researching (if that means googling) on sea creatures the past month or so and doodling images into my notebook.



The jellyfish and the octopuses are my favourites to embroider because of their long tentacles that I can play with. Actually, everything in the ocean is nice to sew. They are so colourful, and the details on each marine life can be illustrated using different kinds of stitches.

While googling, I found out that there recently has been a jellyfish made out of heart cells. This is a huge turn from the robot fish. While I do not know enough to contemplate on the science and philosophical issues that may be involved in these, I believe it is worth a mention.

I just hope then when I die and go to my happy place, and it is an ocean of my imagination, the marine life there isn’t going to go all terminator on me.


Still haven’t gotten over my Japanese / Korean food crave.

Japanese Curry with Kai Lan

Japanese Curry with Kai Lan

Bought this pack of Japanese curry from Daiso and it turns out to be de-li-cious! Thank you Amango! Definitely another easy meal that I am going to stock up on. Although since I had a little time on my hands, I boiled-soft some potatoes and carrots and cut up some pieces of chicken to pop into the curry. Not to forget our daily dose of vegetables too.

And as my tummy was a little unsettled that night, I made myself a cup of tea from a TWG set laogong’s friend got us.



Those loose tea leaves gave me the chance to use mom’s teapot tea leaf holder. And because it is so cute, I might just take up drinking tea regularly.




Edgar, In My Dreams

There are days when there is a massive traffic of words flowing through my mind and I can’t separate the different ideas apart.

I read the tweets I follow and try to make sense of the words and pictures of various blogs. But they all crash into each other like an array of colours that should not be mixed together. The result is a nondescript mess of incoherent emotions.

Because of that, I have decided that today is a good day to sit with my two best friends – Phish Food and Cookie Dough – and watch me some TV with hypnotic qualities so that I may forget this very confusing feeling inside me.

But since I am still in the office, Phish Food and Cookie Dough will have to stay cold and frozen without me and I’ll have to settle this feeling, that has moved its way into my stomach, with some tomato-based spaghetti and a bottle of green tea.

On another note, I have been living in my dreams of late.

Forgive me for being selfish. The modern times have taken away some things from us and that is privacy and the sacredness in things that are kept private.

These dreams I have, even if I wanted to describe them to you, are difficult to relive in words. The only other thing I know is embroidery and so this is the best I can do, so far, to show you what it is I see when I sleep.

Crescent Ocean

Crescent Ocean

With forms that no man can discover
For the tears that drip all over;
Mountains toppling evermore
Into seas without a shore;
Seas that restlessly aspire,
Surging, unto skies of fire;

Dreamland – Edgar Allan Poe

A Hairy Business

There are many ‘if’s in the world.

If I were the right size…

If I had the money…

If I could have super powers…

If I could have one wish …

My ‘if’ for the day on almost everyday is to have my colleague have that blasted cough of his checked out. Each cough is like a shriek from someone struggling to breathe. If anything, it sounds unhealthy. But mostly, it just shocks me right out of my chair in the silent office whenever one of his coughs decides to awaken the room with disquietude.

Yesterday, I had a new ‘if’, a more pleasant ‘if’.

If I were the right shape and size and had flawless skin, I’d want to be a model. Not because of the seemingly yet deceivingly glamorous lifestyle, but for the occasionally creativity that is displayed upon models.

Mom made me go to the salon yesterday. That is when I got this sudden epiphany. She refuses to let Laogong cut my hair for me anymore. I don’t see the need to spend $100 on a haircut but hypocritically I enjoy it almost every time.

(There goes that cough again. I nearly jumped from my seat.)

Each time the hair stylist asks me what style I want, I have this urge to tell them to go wild. I want to have 5 colours in my hair like that girl in Mcfly; I want to have a cute bob; I want to look sultry in long curls. Then I take a good look at myself in the strategically placed mirror, and I meekly reply, “Anything.”

All the thoughts I initially wanted to tell her changes almost immediately. No 5 colours in my hair anymore – colouring only spoils my hair. No cute bob – I need hair to cover my ever growing double chin. No sultry long curls – I mean, come one, look at the pimples hidden behind these glasses!

It is as though my thoughts like the sweet inviting cotton candy turned themselves into a wobbling 10 meters tall blob of calories mixed with raging hormones telling me to wake the hell up before I turn into one of those 20 something who still thinks they can pull off dressing up like a teenager.

Who am I kidding, I’m wearing a spongebob t-shirt and carrying a very unfashionable navy blue tote my mom got for free at some shopping mall.

When it comes to style, I have none.

So while googling (Words should seriously consider adding the word ‘googling’ to their dictionary so that it doesn’t have that ugly red line below it every time I type it out.) hair art in my bid to still hold on to my very faint ‘if’ for the day, I found these 2 artistes – Jenine Shereos and Kerry Howley.

Using human hair to create pieces of art; how amazing is that? Now, I would want to be a model for creativity like these – but I’d like to keep my hair on my head, if you don’t mind.

Here are some pictures of their work.

Jenine Shereos

Jenine Shereos

Kerry Howley

Kerry Howley

I still want to keep my dream of becoming a model for Irregular Choice. If only they could see what a loyal customer I’ve been.

Leave Me High And Dry With The Rain

Sometimes, you need to drown out the white noise in your head. Or the incessant noise from people in the office who think they are the boss of you even though they aren’t.

Sometimes I listen to the comfort of the rain (which I believe I did share on some previous post). But if that puts you to sleep, you can always add a little music.

The best music advise I ever got was to listen to Radiohead’s High and Dry while rainymood.com is on. Try it. It will blow your mind. Thank you, random youtube stranger, for introducing me to this.