Vulcans I Love to Phaser

Kudos to this guy who had the guts to instil his creativity into his day job. It seems more and more interviewers are getting more imaginative with their interviewing tactics. What makes it interesting is that it brings out the lighter and easy-going sides of the celebrities who play along.

A little bit of Beatles in Star Trek and some wouldn’t hurt. And oh that British humour from Benedict Cumberbatch…


A Little Vulgar Coin Pouch

There are some things you just can’t live without. And Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup on pancakes is one of them. While my cousin who just came for a visit is consistently mentally attacking me with her tiny waist and tall stature, I am stuffing myself with what the world really needs – happy food.

If you ask me, all the anger and rage in the world can be solved by comfort food and a little effort on trying to be our best. Try it out, it’s not as difficult as it seems and your life will be so much better.

I just had myself a little of that on Friday. Unfortunately, I was so happy talking and eating that I forgot to take any pictures. But trust me, it did happen. I ate pancakes with ice cream at 10pm and drank myself some nice Passion Mango Boost and chatted all night. Sometimes, a little human contact with people you care about is the perfect remedy for whatever that has been causing all the stress, pimples and constipation.

A few weeks ago, I did mention of a gift I made for my brother years ago but was a little to vulgar to post it here. I figure that you, whoever you are out there contributing to my average-of-5 people stats, will be able to handle a little vulgar humour. So here is it.

If you know what I mean

If you know what I mean

After being inspired by this, I’m thinking of sewing something a little out of the box (or shell) today. I might regret asking this, but any of you have any suggestions?