Test Tube Dreams

My dreams have been bringing me to different universes, opening my heart to different worlds and degrees of imagination. But I am not gifted in the art of drawing, so I cannot paint a beautiful picture to capture what I see. And I’m afraid the words will never be able to bring out the full essence of the dream.

I guess that’s what dreams are then, a memory unique to the one who dreamt it.

The weekend started with a Touch charity dinner on Friday night. Mom and Dad were unable to make it and so Laogong had to call up his friends to help fill up the seats. Being there made me ask myself when was the last time I made a donation. Dad has always been involved in charities and mom has always been the one helping others when they are in need – sometimes to a fault.

Touch Charity Dinner

Touch Charity Dinner

Our table of 9 won 6 prizes that night. I was never one to be lucky when it comes to lucky draws. I always win nothing. And when I do at those sure-win lucky draws, I always win the smallest prize. So when my name was called 3 times that night, I felt slightly embarrassed. It was not our intention, but we are certainly grateful.

I recall saying that I would post up pictures of the skirt I made of myself. While one is still in the laundry, this one is ready.

I wanted the colours to complement each other. So I chose a similar shade of green to make those buttons as those of the leaves on the skirt. As for the button loops, I crocheted cream-coloured yarn. I like how the yarn and the lace soften the overall look of the skirt. Tempted to make more, but awaiting nicer cloth designs.

Occasionally, I like to head down to the store to see what is on sale. It’s nice to let the cloth choose you instead of having you choose the cloth, if that even makes sense. 🙂

Jelly Bean Test tubes

Jelly Bean Test tubes

During my parents’ last visit to my sister’s, they  came back with these creative test tube jelly beans, among other things. I can’t wait to finish them and use them for beads or buttons. My sewing space in the office is getting a little messy and is in dire need of ‘inspirational organization’. That’s just my one in a hundred ways of procrastinating.