Summer Flowers On A Winter’s Day

I don’t have much to say these days. I fear my inspiration is wearing thin. I only sew if there is someone to sew for. I don’t want to sew to sell, I want to sew to give. I’m not sure that’s going to put rice on the table.

I need to find a new sense of purpose in my embroidery.

Recently my ghost friend no more left for India for a short student exchange programme. I thought that, since that was the case, a sari-colour inspired notebook would be fitting, to record all her colourful experiences.

Sari-colour Inspired Notebook

Sari-colour Inspired Notebook


My current, and some-what on-going, craze has been ribbon flowers. These are the things I’ve been experimenting on lately.

Flower Badges

Flower Badges


I guess I need to start making things I’d actually wear or use. One thing I can’t seem to find is alphabetized notebooks – where the pages are divided by alphabets. They only have that as address books. But I want one to write notes down for future reference. Anyone every wanted one of those?

That shall be my next project.



Chewing, Gnawing And Cooking

Mom bought this awesome Korean recipe book and I have been more than eager to try some of the recipes in it. Yesterday, I got my chance.



The Bibimbab turned out better than I expected and it is an easy dish to cook. The only thing missing was soup. Next time, I am going to add more ingredients that I like – baby corn, potatoes, and maybe even some kimchi chicken.

In between his biting and barking, I get a little peace and quiet when our little buddy has his toys to entertain him.

Bat Ears

Bat Ears

Like an alarm clock, he wakes us up at 6 every morning and whines for his breakfast. Of course the lazy me will go back to sleep for another half an hour. Before you start to lecture me, his breakfast time is 6.30.

Now that he is still teething, he is biting everything he can. The chair, the clothes hanger, laogong’s uniform (at least he tries) and his favourite tissue papers and newspapers. The good thing is he never swallows them. The bad thing is I have to move everything away and out of his reach. And he is getting taller and stronger. His nose can reach the kitchen counter when he jumps!

The little fellow has been making friends too. Some terriers, a shih tzu, a beagle, a retriever and even a very handsome and extremely friendly border collie. And since Laogong’s good friend just recently got a toy poodle, I hope they get to meet soon too.

While Ponton is getting busy with his paws, I should be getting busy with mine too. Off to making Steph’s brother’s laptop case! It has been dragging on for too long.

Blogshop, Almost there

It’s only half an hour to the end of the work day and I’m really looking forward to it.

I have a rough blogshop up and running but it still needs a little more work. Feel free to browse around, though, in the mean time. 🙂

I shall write more tomorrow. Now, my eyes, neck and fingers need some rest. It’s a good time to clean up while listening to Journey.