Shirley, Never Never Never

And when she sings

“You make me laugh, you make me cry, you make me live, you make me die for you.
You make me sing, you make me sad, you make me glad, you make me mad for you.”

You know, she means it.



Obsession: Makeup Brushes & Vintage Jewellery

A quick update on what I’ve been up to of late.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.33.51 PM

Still dizzy over crochet jewellery. The one on the left is made with nylon strings; the one of the right with wire. Found out about Gloom card games a few months back and couldn’t resist the art work on these transparent cards. So I used it and turned it into a glass-tile pendant.

Vintage Glass tile Ring

Vintage Glass tile Ring


Speaking of glass tile jewellery, here’s one with my chubby hands. I stole the flower from this card my mom received years ago from a I-can’t-remember-what company. It’s good to keep those mails and pamphlets you receive. They will one day come in handy when you are caught bored in the office with hours to kill.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 3.31.29 PM


While googling (“google” should be added to the dictionary, seeing that when you right-click on the red-underlined “google”, the phrase “search Google for google” comes up) ways to keep my makeup brushes, a picture of makeup brushes neatly placed on a bamboo mat appeared. So I thought I could make myself one.

I don’t like placing them in a container. Mostly because I don’t use them very often so I don’t want them to be sitting there collecting dust. I spent some time looking for a vintage straw dispenser to hold my brushes so that at least there is a lid over them. But I couldn’t find one. In the end, all I needed was a trip to Daiso, 2 sushi mats, some elastic band, a lot of patience and a couple of hours to make this sushi mat makeup brush holder to display all my brushes conveniently.

Now, all that’s left is to make a simple bag to keep those rolled up mats.

Green, Grad, Bags And A Little Southland Mourning

Whenever my parents meet up with my sis overseas, there’s always this eagerness to get her something, seeing that we seldom get to hang out anymore. I often wonder how different life would be if she lived nearby. But there’s no point in wondering about something that isn’t going to happen.

Much like my mom, actually, one of the few likes she has that is similar to my mom’s, is the colour green.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 12.06.09 PM

Green Crochet Bracelet

So I made her a crochet bracelet, which coincidentally matches a necklace she has. Yay!

A long lost friend of mine got married recently and is moving away too. Perhaps if I stretch my hands far enough I can still be able to touch all these people whom I love who decided to settle down on different ends of the world. I’m glad I’m in the middle.

Janice and Han's Foldable Reversible Bag

Janice and Han’s Foldable Reversible Bag

Since travel is going to be part of her life now (I’m sure she’ll have to come home every now and them), I though a nice foldable bag would be convenient, especially for those unforeseen shopping items you tend to get at airports. Did I also mention it was reversible? Yea… I like things that are creative but also serve as multiple functions.

Lastly, as a favour to my brother-in-law, who recently graduated, I sewed his little graduation bear a graduation hat, since the original one got lost during the hassle of the convocation.

Graduation Bear

Graduation Bear


It’s true what they say about work. When it’s quiet, it’s quiet. But when it gets busy, you can’t catch a break. I’m not complaining though. I needed to pick up the needle again.


On a side note, I am willing to sign any petition that will bring Southland back. With the original gang. Please don’t let Cooper become just another sad story.

The Doctor Is In

When thinking of the design for the Thank you card for the dentist, I faced a few … tricky obstacles.

The idea of sewing a tooth fairy came about, but then I thought it would be funny for a grown man to receive a tooth fairy from an adult female.

So I went to the basic – flowers. It was closing mother’s day and flowers were every where. And since each flower has its own meaning, I had to be careful not to send the wrong message. Roses, for example, would be a terrible idea.

Dental Flowers 11.58.34 AM

So I settled with this – simple, pleasant and subtle in its message. Something about it just gives me a very soothing feeling inside. And I love how the colours all go together.

(On a side note, I feel a slight high when my outfit for the day is colour-coordinated, down to the undies.)

Thank You Doctor!

Thank You Doctor!


I pasted a piece of black paper behind to write my thank you note on. I thought it would be more sincere if the emphasis of the card was on the names the thank-you(s) were going out to, but I regretfully forgot the Anesthetist’s name (and the nurses all did not have name tags on – or they did but I was too high on drugs to remember).

So in the small almost minute chance that you will come across this blog, I would like to say a huge thank you and give a virtual hug to all the nurses, doctors and staff who helped me through my dental surgery. And to all the healthcare workers out there, patients may not show it, but we are always grateful to meet a great healthcare worker. The simplest of gestures make a tremendous difference, especially when you’re in so much pain.

Makeup 101

I haven’t been sewing of late and I do apologize. However, I am working on something right now, I just need to decide on the design and the rest will come easy.

A few things happened recently that has gotten me really excited.

Firstly, I have officially become a Godmother on 2 May 2013 to a beautiful baby girl named Isabelle. Dear Isabelle, you are born into a loving, caring and beautiful family and because of you, I am part of it. And for that, I am grateful. 🙂

I shall resist the temptation of putting up a picture of baby Isabelle before mama and papa sim does so on their own blog. 🙂

On a vastly different note, I have finally started to learn about makeup and why women spend hundreds on them every year. Ok, maybe month for some of us. 😉

I want to firstly STRONGLY dispute the notion that women who wears makeup are shallow and uppity, while women who don’t are innocent and pure. Too many a times I have heard men say that they prefer woman who doesn’t wear makeup and girls despising each other just because some of us wear makeup and some of us don’t. While I understand the appeal of natural and clean look, many people have gotten the concept of makeup wrong.

It was never the intention of makeup to cover up flaws; it is to accentuate our assets.

That being said, too much makeup is not good for anyone. (When is too much of anything ever good anyway?)

Makeup, for me, is a form of expression. It is like the clothes on my back and the shoes I wear. I choose them on a daily basis to reflect my mood, or on some days, change my mood if I am feeling down. There are many makeup gurus on youtube who do wonderful makeup, not for the sake of covering up your flaws, but just for the fun of mixing up colours and dressing up for events.

Playing With Colours

2 of my absolute favourites are jazziebabycakes and missjbm22. They put up tutorials of the most beautifully colourful makeup. So if you like playing with colours, check them out.

On free days, I like to take out my makeup and just play around with the colours to see which best suits my skin tone and what colour combination I can come up with. I like Sugarpill cosmetics when it comes to vibrant colours just because the colours are so rich and easy to blend. Unfortunately they don’t have it in Singapore. So far only this website sells some of Sugarpill makeup. But buying direct from US isn’t so bad. Mine arrived in a week. But for those of us who would rather not spend so much, many popular cosmetic brand do have colourful eyeshadows too. But just not with the same intensity and matte colour rage as Sugarpill’s.

Also, missjbm22 also uses makeup products that aren’t exactly going to blow a hole in your pockets. ELF and NYX have awesome eyeshadow palettes and cream eyeshadow sticks respectively. Elf also has  affordable (below $10.00) makeup brushes that does the job just as well as those really expensive ones. All these items can’t be found in singapore but can be bought on Q0010.

Everyday Makeup

1 makeup artist I like to follow for more subtle looks is the Korean makeup artist jungsaemmool. Her makeup techniques are sutiable for day time to dinner time and just look at the way she puts on makeup for the models. She makes cosmetic look like a form of art.

I especially like watching her tutorials because her makeup is light enough to accentuate the model’s looks without covering up or overshadowing their features. In other words, they still look like themselves, which is saying something. I looked like a totally different person during my wedding makeup shoot. Although, wedding photo shoots makeup are traditionally more heavy.

It is sometimes hard to buy Korean makeup products in Singapore, so I usually go to Q0010 to buy them. They are cheaper and have a wide variety. To tell you the truth, most of my makeup are bought online. Of course, research thoroughly on the product you want to buy first and check if the seller on qoo10 is reliable.

Tips and Techniques

For looks with more coverage and westernized, gossmakeupartist is perfect. He is a very knowledgeable makeup artist. Truly. From different contouring for different nose shapes to the actual proper way of applying on blush (not only on the apples of your cheeks, girls). Did I mention he has a very attractive british accent and a very pleasant personality?

Wayne introduces us to cheaper makeup products that does the job as good as those slightly more expensive ones. And a bargain is always good, isn’t it?

Other affordable makeup brands that I like are Sleek (which can be bought on Luxola and shopping district), Revlon (colourstay foundation is my favourite) and MUA (which can be bought on shopping district). The list goes on. But remember, cheap does not necessarity mean good and sometimes it pays to invest in a product that is slightly more expensive.


Now that I’ve shared with you some of the things I’ve learnt about makeup, there are still many issues that are important and needs to be mentioned. Like purchasing makeup that is Animal Cruelty Free (and click here for the animal cruelty free – Korea), knowing what chemicals are in your makeup and what chemicals to avoid, and loving yourself, with AND without makeup on. But that is for another blog post at another time.

Afterall, as what Wayne Goss always says, it’s just makeup. Don’t take it too seriously. Try to have fun. 🙂


Vulcans I Love to Phaser

Kudos to this guy who had the guts to instil his creativity into his day job. It seems more and more interviewers are getting more imaginative with their interviewing tactics. What makes it interesting is that it brings out the lighter and easy-going sides of the celebrities who play along.

A little bit of Beatles in Star Trek and some wouldn’t hurt. And oh that British humour from Benedict Cumberbatch…

Getting Misty

Once again, it is Ella Fitzgerald’s birthday. The queen of jazz. If there is one thing I truly wanted, selfishly for myself, it would be to be able to sing with such a beautiful and mesmerizing voice such as hers.

There are many versions of this song. Just youtube it and you’ll find them. But hers is my favourite.

Until Both Our Cars Collide

With the recent news of MCR’s breakup, I not only weep for the concerts I will never go to, and the new songs I will never hear, I also weep for the fact that the music world has lost another great.

It may seem on the surface that My Chemical Romance is but another group among many others who produced rage songs motivated by silly anger issues and emotional baggages. But theirs are words and music of raw emotions. Their music grew, as they grew from boys to men, from boyfriends to husbands, from sons to fathers. And I am glad I grew up with them and saw them make such music in a time where the music industry churns out songs that don’t even make any sense but manage to make it to the top.

This is a band who came together and created songs that to me are like poems with music. And so when I found videos of their songs sung acoustically, without compromising their fundamentals, I thought to myself how amazing.

How Gerard Way manages to sing with such passion, opened to the world, baffles me. It makes me want to dive into that mind of his. I imagine it would be a world full of animation. (I stop myself before I dive in too deep. It somehow seems wrong and redundant anyway.)

The public still can enter but a window into his mind, though. He has written and will be writing comic books, all historical, intelligent and creative. And I’m sure if you googled him, you’ll find many pictures of his work, stories of his life, and that wonderful letter on twitlonger that he wrote about MCR’s demise.

But I’d rather live in this idea that I have of MCR. An idea that somehow transforms itself into a world of its own, inspiring and assiduous. Afterall, in Gerard Way’s own words, MCR is an idea. And those don’t die.

If you only have time for 1, listen to Helena, the accoustic version. It just gets to me somehow.

Summer Flowers On A Winter’s Day

I don’t have much to say these days. I fear my inspiration is wearing thin. I only sew if there is someone to sew for. I don’t want to sew to sell, I want to sew to give. I’m not sure that’s going to put rice on the table.

I need to find a new sense of purpose in my embroidery.

Recently my ghost friend no more left for India for a short student exchange programme. I thought that, since that was the case, a sari-colour inspired notebook would be fitting, to record all her colourful experiences.

Sari-colour Inspired Notebook

Sari-colour Inspired Notebook


My current, and some-what on-going, craze has been ribbon flowers. These are the things I’ve been experimenting on lately.

Flower Badges

Flower Badges


I guess I need to start making things I’d actually wear or use. One thing I can’t seem to find is alphabetized notebooks – where the pages are divided by alphabets. They only have that as address books. But I want one to write notes down for future reference. Anyone every wanted one of those?

That shall be my next project.