Guitar. Lifts. Encounters.

In the midst of all that is on my mind, Christopher’s (Steph’s brother) laptop case still managed to get done.

Christopher’s Guitar Laptop Case

The yellow polka dot back ground shaped like a guitar pick gives it a little funky vintage look while the silver threads, held into place by golden coloured beads, give it the extra pop-up feel. To make it more personalized, the letter ‘L’ on the top is the first letter of his last name and the ‘p’ in his name is sewn like the musical note (which I hope I got right).

I just hope it is satisfactory to Steph and Chris. I think that’s what most us hope for in our gifts to others.

Speaking of which, Steph is granted the gift of life; and I’m positive the baby growing inside her is going to be one lucky little fellow! Check out the awesome video they made of baby Sim! What a way to celebrate the joy of life; by creating one.

The other day BBC ran an article about the psycology of lift behavior in people. It basically said that we are not used to being in such close proximity with strangers, let alone being boxed up with them for those few moments. Just 2 days after I read that,  nice lady spoke to me in the lift about this key chain I got on my bag. While my dad is a very friendly and approachable man, I myself usually hang my head down and be as still as I can, hoping not to attract any attention. Most of the time anything I say will either embarrass me or the people around me. But I’m all up for a pleasant conversation, if it eases the tension in the lift.

So to that nice lady, whoever you are, thank you for making this meek little girl’s afternoon a little more pleasant.

And here’s a many more friendly encounters. Friendly, not deadly, spooky, sneaky, sinister or with any undesirable agendas. Friendly. 🙂



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