A Jolt From The Jellyfish

It’s been a while since I last updated you blog readers and you can blame that on my very bad time management skills.

Nap time

Nap time

I’ve been caught up with this bundle of furball-joy ever since he entered our lives. He’s had a string of problems that caused us 2 trips to the vet and a whole lot of worries enough to make this worry wort go paranoid.

The good thing is the little buddy is still jumping and running around when he’s not all tired out, chasing his chew toys and nibbling on our legs.

And almost like a jolt back to reality, BBC Earth Wonders ‘Picture of The Day’ yesterday reminded me of one of the few things that bring calm to my life.

BBC earth wonders - Jellyfish

BBC earth wonders – Jellyfish

It’s time I stopped procrastinating. It’s been hiding under mom’s table, conveniently forgotten. The rain brings about an inviting temperature to the air and the this momentary break has helped me stem my decision a little over 50% to move forward on a path I’ve been contemplating on. It’s time to pick up that needle again.

If only to stop myself from going on another useless path-finding journey.



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