This Is Not A Puppy Love

I have been absent for more than a week, and will be next week too. Sometimes, the ink runs dry and the thread runs thin. Not of ideas, but it simply just does.

So I did what any normal person would do to cure this sudden lack of motivation. I went out and got  a puppy, bought all the barang barang for our new little addition to the family, and created a whole new pool of worries for myself.

I’m not complaining. So far the little active fella has gotten me less than 5 hours of sleep at night, used up 2 rolls of paper towel, and in a moment of excitement, bitten my mom on her foot.

With Nili is warm in our hearts – and I know that a dog is a big step from a rabbit – I’m hoping I don’t mess up being a good care taker of this puppy Sheltie.

Speaking of paternal love and dogs, here‘s one article that will make anyone with a heart tear.



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