Stationery Frenzy

Laogong’s convocation was yesterday. I had wanted to put up some photos, but daddy decided to hijack all the photos by securing them in his dry cabinet while he is away.

The only other option left for me is to steal some photos from other people’s facebook. However, since there is a tiny matter of a certain someone’s triple chin, whose identity shall remain anonymous (you only get 1 guess), I am going to wait for daddy to return.

Mom went shopping recently and bought me some very beautifully designed notebooks from The Jekyll and Hyde Project.

The Jekyll And Hyde Project - Vintage Notebooks

The Jekyll And Hyde Project – Vintage Notebooks

Plenty of ideas in my mind of what to use them for but don’t know which one to use first. Here’s another notebook store that I fancy, but mom couldn’t find any of their books there where she was shopping.


Before I jump the gun and start my new long-term project with my notebooks, here’s what I’ve been up to lately. It has taken me too long to decide what colours I want my jellyfishes to be. I’ll be sure to share it with you again when I’m done.

My Orange-y Jellyfish

My Orange-y Jellyfish

This is the colour of the jellyfish I see when I close my eyes and dream. What colours are yours?



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