Let’s Go Artificial Jellyfishin’

The weekend came early this week when laogong spent Friday home with me catching up on our favourite shows.

Peek Into My Notebook

Peek Into My Notebook

I’ve been doing some researching (if that means googling) on sea creatures the past month or so and doodling images into my notebook.



The jellyfish and the octopuses are my favourites to embroider because of their long tentacles that I can play with. Actually, everything in the ocean is nice to sew. They are so colourful, and the details on each marine life can be illustrated using different kinds of stitches.

While googling, I found out that there recently has been a jellyfish made out of heart cells. This is a huge turn from the robot fish. While I do not know enough to contemplate on the science and philosophical issues that may be involved in these, I believe it is worth a mention.

I just hope then when I die and go to my happy place, and it is an ocean of my imagination, the marine life there isn’t going to go all terminator on me.


Still haven’t gotten over my Japanese / Korean food crave.

Japanese Curry with Kai Lan

Japanese Curry with Kai Lan

Bought this pack of Japanese curry from Daiso and it turns out to be de-li-cious! Thank you Amango! Definitely another easy meal that I am going to stock up on. Although since I had a little time on my hands, I boiled-soft some potatoes and carrots and cut up some pieces of chicken to pop into the curry. Not to forget our daily dose of vegetables too.

And as my tummy was a little unsettled that night, I made myself a cup of tea from a TWG set laogong’s friend got us.



Those loose tea leaves gave me the chance to use mom’s teapot tea leaf holder. And because it is so cute, I might just take up drinking tea regularly.





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