My Night’s Companion

Apart from being called an auntie, there isn’t much things to complain about. (There’s another testimony to attest to my lack of fashion sense.)

This weekend was another weekend to catch up with friends and contemplate on relationships formed in my life.

Somehow, catching up with friends always equate to sugary delights that leave me with a sense of guilt and pleasure. Although, I seem to be the only one becoming progressively bad looking, while my friends seem healthier and slimmer. This is of course no fault of mine but the absolute fault of the Phish Food ice cream and tasty Korean potato chips Laogong have been feeding me the past 2 weeks.

Oh, and the swimming pool being under repair.

The Durian

The Durian

In the city world I live in, it is sometimes easy to get our priorities wrong. Sometimes life happens and we forget the important things we should keep close to our hearts, making us sacrifice time and people we shouldn’t sacrifice.

Sometimes, we forget that the best thing we can do is to simply be a presence in one’s life.

When did just being around lose its importance? When did just being around become so hard?

Little Ollie

Little Ollie

In case you’re wondering, Ollie is the name of Ricky Gervais’s cat. The one in the picture above is obviously not his cat. But someone left some food for this stray by the steps where I was waiting for the bus tonight. In less than  minute she finished her food and proceeded to show me her adorable back silhouette.

Something about a cat being fed by a stranger that changes the mood of that night for me.


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