A Hairy Business

There are many ‘if’s in the world.

If I were the right size…

If I had the money…

If I could have super powers…

If I could have one wish …

My ‘if’ for the day on almost everyday is to have my colleague have that blasted cough of his checked out. Each cough is like a shriek from someone struggling to breathe. If anything, it sounds unhealthy. But mostly, it just shocks me right out of my chair in the silent office whenever one of his coughs decides to awaken the room with disquietude.

Yesterday, I had a new ‘if’, a more pleasant ‘if’.

If I were the right shape and size and had flawless skin, I’d want to be a model. Not because of the seemingly yet deceivingly glamorous lifestyle, but for the occasionally creativity that is displayed upon models.

Mom made me go to the salon yesterday. That is when I got this sudden epiphany. She refuses to let Laogong cut my hair for me anymore. I don’t see the need to spend $100 on a haircut but hypocritically I enjoy it almost every time.

(There goes that cough again. I nearly jumped from my seat.)

Each time the hair stylist asks me what style I want, I have this urge to tell them to go wild. I want to have 5 colours in my hair like that girl in Mcfly; I want to have a cute bob; I want to look sultry in long curls. Then I take a good look at myself in the strategically placed mirror, and I meekly reply, “Anything.”

All the thoughts I initially wanted to tell her changes almost immediately. No 5 colours in my hair anymore – colouring only spoils my hair. No cute bob – I need hair to cover my ever growing double chin. No sultry long curls – I mean, come one, look at the pimples hidden behind these glasses!

It is as though my thoughts like the sweet inviting cotton candy turned themselves into a wobbling 10 meters tall blob of calories mixed with raging hormones telling me to wake the hell up before I turn into one of those 20 something who still thinks they can pull off dressing up like a teenager.

Who am I kidding, I’m wearing a spongebob t-shirt and carrying a very unfashionable navy blue tote my mom got for free at some shopping mall.

When it comes to style, I have none.

So while googling (Words should seriously consider adding the word ‘googling’ to their dictionary so that it doesn’t have that ugly red line below it every time I type it out.) hair art in my bid to still hold on to my very faint ‘if’ for the day, I found these 2 artistes – Jenine Shereos and Kerry Howley.

Using human hair to create pieces of art; how amazing is that? Now, I would want to be a model for creativity like these – but I’d like to keep my hair on my head, if you don’t mind.

Here are some pictures of their work.

Jenine Shereos

Jenine Shereos

Kerry Howley

Kerry Howley

I still want to keep my dream of becoming a model for Irregular Choice. If only they could see what a loyal customer I’ve been.


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