A Dance of Frienship

Patrickang's hip-hop shoe

It wasn’t hard to think of what to embroider for Patrickang’s birthday gift. But it was hard deciding what to embroider it on to. This hip-hop shoe is the exact copy of the ones she wears for her dance classes, right down to the colour and the striking green shoe lace. I really had fun making this one. Any design with details that can be played with – in this case the shoe laces – is always fun!

But I couldn’t post it up earlier this week because I was only going to meet her last night.

gift box

After cracking my brain for ideas, I remembered what mom said and decided to make a card holder, those for bus cards to for the ones we have to take out to use very often. On the flip side of the card holder is an embroidery of ballet shoes. It was meant to show the different sides of Patrickang. But I forgot to take a picture of that. The black background was to further emphasize on embroidery designs, proving the importance of dance in her life, among many other things about her.

I wanted to the design to stand out.

At the end of the day, a gift is just a gesture of a friendship we treasure. Life studying overseas was much more exciting with you around, especially with all the before bedtime laughter we shared. Thanks for always being there, Chen Xiao Kang.


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