Sewing Therapy

The long weekend was spent recovering from a fall I took while attempting to jog, putting back what little fats I lost in that tumble and catching up on my movies and TV shows.

While mom and dad were away, I got to cook again and it got me thinking of all the things I would do if I needn’t be in the office. Building castles in the clouds over weekends is one of my favourite pastimes.

Mushroom Chicken On Butter Rice

Mushroom Chicken On Butter Rice

Spongebob Breakfast

Spongebob Breakfast


Friday night dinner taught me how long it takes my mom’s oven to bake potatoes. The next time, I’ll put it in before I take my shower. Saturday breakfast greeted us with a cheeky spongebob and some baked beans, which laogong doesn’t eat. What new things will I learn of my husband, I wonder. The only thing missing in that breakfast was the sausages.

Postsecret on Sewing

Postsecret on Sewing

Inspiration can be found anywhere if you widen your search. This week’s postsecret caught my eye when I saw the secret above. Perhaps it is not possible to understand the magnitude of what needles and thread  means to him/her. But it is nice to know someone else who finds them therapeutic.

Sewing can illustrate the world differently and bring out joy in people. And that is something I wish to share, or I hope I’m sharing now. 🙂


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