For Good Company

Here’s the picture I promised yesterday.

Moonlight Reflection

Moonlight Reflection

It’s so much more mystical then the picture and my photography skills give it credit for. Definitely a good place to chillax, if there is such a word.

There are many things I wish to strike off my list – including “jogging around the park” – but laziness got the better of me. Instead of exercising, I am doing the total opposite. What the world needs now is a chocolate that helps us lose weight instead of gain weight but still maintain the flavour and everything wonderful about it.

These days, the only exercise I get is for my fingers.

Spotlight Purchases

Spotlight Purchases

These are some of the things I bought from the Spotlight sales I told you about yesterday. Many ideas are flowing through my mind, but I’m open to suggestions if you have any. 🙂

I won’t lie to you, as weak as it may make me seem, I am tired from trying to get a grip on losing Nili. My eyes are puffy, my heart is heavy and my mind just can’t work properly. Everyday I hear some comments from my parents about how Nili’s condition has worsen and I just want to block it out. Some things, when obvious, do not need to be said. Just when I think I have come to terms with letting him go, I realise it is just a front. I guess you can never fully prepare yourself for such things and to ask yourself to do so would be painfully unfair to yourself. Grief is a process that is different to each individual.

Tonight, Nili will be going in for another check up. I hope this time I can control my tears better. Those poor vets. I hope they know it’s not something I do on purpose. It’s just that I’m afraid if I try to control it too much, I will explode and sob uncontrollably.

I thank God each day that he is still with me and I thank God each day that laogong is there to be my pillar of strength and source of reminder.





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