Lately I’ve been trying to find inspiration on vintage items from people and things. One night during a TV dinner, I was watching this.

Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smiled

In my mind, I keep pronouncing it as “Mona Lisa’s Smile” and I cannot get around it. Anyway, they have lovely fashion – the dresses and earrings are so lovely. While I may not be able to make the clothes (no surprise there) I’d like to try making the earrings. Mom and I went to the spotlight sales yesterday and I managed to get some materials. But I’ve been too caught up with my new things that I forgot to bring the camera to upload pics. I shall remember the next time.

After spotlight, we went out to a fairly new part of the island for dinner and the night view, if you can ignore the lights of the restaurants at the back, is lovely. However, somehow my phone refuses to send the picture to my email for me to put it up here.

The reflection of the moon by the river last night reminded me of a very nice mandarin song I used to listen to a lot when I was back in school. It’s all very melancholic, which is why I shouldn’t indulge in it too much. Perhaps the day view is more cheerful. I’ll post it up tomorrow.

Nili’s condition has been weighing on all of us. It is getting harder to stay cheerful in front of him, but we do try. The little guy is practically bed ridden, cozy-ing up under his blanket at night and munching on yogurt bits throughout the day. He has all of us bowing to his needs, his royal highness. 🙂

Tired Bunny

Tired Bunny






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