Romancing The Night

Chinese Lantern on my Travel Journal

Chinese Lantern on my Travel Journal

Friday at the office gave me enough time to do the finishing touches for the journal. I’m glad with the way it turned out. But thinking about work makes me think of what awaits me on Monday and I am not looking forward to it.

Not to spoil the weekend, here are some pictures of my Friday night with Mom.

Counter Dinner

Counter Dinner

Mom baked some really sumptuous chicken with salad and mushroom soup. And since I am not sophisticated enough for wine, that is the five-fruit Korean tea I got from my trip you are seeing in the picture.

Although, I do enjoy indulging myself in some romance.

Candle In The Night

Candle In The Night

We sat outside, mom and I, with a beautifully lit candle and watched the lights of the park across the street. While mom counted planes, I tried to clear my mind and let the darkness warm me and bring me a little peace.

Even nili came and sat with us for a while.

Night Stroll On The Balcony

Night Stroll On The Balcony

What with his leg and age, his limbs can only glide against the slippery tiles in an effort to move about. Usually he just sits at one spot and moves only when necessary. It is nice to see him ‘swimming’ about on the floor of the balcony, alert and interested, exploring this unfamiliar territory and then finding a spot to rest.

It’s almost midnight and I’m hungry. If I go on like this, it will be me mom and dad find tomorrow morning sleeping on the food bowl and not Nili.



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