Those Eyes

The morning greeted me with a glitch on my computer but I hope it has been settled. I am never good with technologies and most of the time I go about it blindly. Needless to say I am hopeless when it comes to anything electronic. I’d sooner use a hammer on it than attempt to find out what’s wrong.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for it. It has brought me closer to you all out there and has helped me share my work and thoughts.

I needed to get myself off the self-pity wagon and what better to help me with it than a sewing project. Stephanie had recently grown a liking for Spongebob (who doesn’t like that boxy fella) and wanted a laptop cover with him on it.

Blink Blink!

Blink Blink!

What makes Spongebob so adorable is the amount of emotions he shows with his big round eyes. I wanted to give it more texture and dimension. So I decided against sewing just a simple white circle on. Instead, I did a diagonal laid filling. The rest sort of fell into place after that.

You Know It! - Spongebob

You Know It!

His nose, I noticed, is cuter when it pops out. So I did a woven picot for it. And with those cheeks in, you know he is smiling even without seeing his mouth. 🙂

When the whole thing is done, I shall share it with you. In the meantime, it’s back to the needles and threads again and counting down the hours till I go home to Nili for his next clean – one of my favourite time of the day.

Thank you, to those of you out there reading. It keeps me writing, which certainly helps right now. 🙂


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