Forgetting About The Price Tag

For someone who doesn’t go out much, I had a great time in South Korea. The weather was nice, the food was even better and the experience was complicated.

Streets Of S. Korea

Fun In S. Korea

Living on a island, it is funny how I still yearn to live by the beach so much. But it is a dream I dare not put too much thought into. That’s the Haeundae beach in Busan. The best part of my trip is strolling along the beach,  walking along the wooden walk-way along the coast at night, and getting lost only to find a wonderfully hidden Korean barbeque restaurant frequented by famous Korean celebrities.

The ambiance was great, and so was the price. But that’s what holidays are for, eating, making a fool of yourselves and dressing up as an old palace minister. That’s laogong over there, in one rare occasion where he lets me take a picture of him.

We went to a craft street in Seoul but most of the work cannot be photographed, which I totally understand and I think you crafts people out there would too.

Crafts in S. Korea

Crafts in Seoul

I managed to take a couple of pictures of Korean embroidery before I realised that photography was not allowed. So not to show any disrespect, I took a picture of this famous Korean artist’s shop instead of her work. I love her work. It is absolutely adorable. You can check it out on her website. Be warned, it is a little pricy. Most of the good stuff there along that street are. But they only reflect the value of their work.

After shortlisting a few items, I decided on this pair of earrings from a local artist eunnamu.



I have not put it on yet. I don’t really have any occasion to wear it to, it’s just too pretty. But the design is just sublime that I had to get it. You can see the effort and love she put into her work. And that, I feel, deserves a little more than just a price tag.


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