My Mom, The Ultimate Gamer

While my colleague is doing his monthly ritual of abusing the printer, I had a good time finishing my mom’s Angry Bird Pouch. She is the last person in the family to get an iPhone (and therefore always the one with the latest version) and now  holds the best score to all those word apps and Angry Bird games. And also for Mario, Scrabble, and all the sports games on our Wii and Xbox.

Red Angry Bird

Red Angry Bird

She had me make one of this to hang on her bag the last time. So I decided to go with something different this year.

Mom's Angry Bird Pouch

Mom’s Angry Bird Pouch

I think the thing that makes the pouch is the quote. And it took time to find one that says what I want to say, but in the end it is worth the while.

Julia Summers' Quote on Mothers

Julia Summers’ Quote on Mothers

Mother’s day is on the coming Sunday, but I’ll be off by then. So I guess I’ll leave it quietly by her bed before I leave for the airport. She’s probably screaming in her head right now at the dentist. Let’s hope this will cheer her up a little. 🙂

Here in the office, my colleague has took to abusing his mouse now. And for what I do not know. But I couldn’t care less, since I won’t be hearing those tiny incessant noises for the next few days. And I couldn’t be happier.

And for those of you out there reading, thank you so much. You are so much more than a bar on my stats chart of ‘number of visits’. 😉 I’m sorry I won’t be around the next week. But I hope to update you on my return with more than just boring details of my trip. I’ll keep my eyes open for inspiring crafts and sewing things to share with you!



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