When One Door Closes

With all these worrying and sleepless nights, I can barely come up with sewing ideas and projects to occupy my mind and hands with. My sleeping pattern is disrupted, and with that, a whole lot of other health issues.

I have been having a mind block and haven’t picked up my sewing needle until this afternoon.

The old place is no longer ours, as of yesterday. Over the weekend, laogong helped me to move my desk and a small shelving unit we bought from Ikea few years ago to the office. With those 2 items gone, there is officially nothing left in the old place that is ours. In fact, the new owners already had contractors in to do some renovation. The place looks familiar but foreign at the same time. I miss it.

Nevertheless, I am glad I have my old desk at the office – it has a glass panel for me to use as a substitute for a light box!

New ol' Desk

New ol’ Desk

It hasn’t been decorated with my usual things yet, but it’s only because this table can be tilted towards you like that of an architect table. So I can’t place any lamps or photos. Perhaps blu tac is the key.

Mom also gave me her old sewing machine to use. Up till now, all the projects have been hand sewn. But since I started learning to make skirts, the sewing machine will come in handy. It’s only good for those normal stitches, no fanciful ones. Perhaps I’m old fashion, but I’d rather hand-sew them, just like I’d rather read from the paper. Except of course if it’s just running stitch. 😉

Mom's Old Sewing Machine

Mom’s Old Sewing Machine

With laogong’s semester coming to an end, we’ve decided to go on a graduation trip with some of his friends next week. So you won’t be hearing from me until the week after. But there are things I can’t leave behind even for a day, and work is one of them. Maybe that’s what’s causing my anxiety. Although, there is nothing a good cup of bubble tea can’t fix.

milk tea remedy

milk tea remedy

Yes, by now you should know I am one of those Asians who are crazy over bubble tea. It’s a smooth cheerful drink with soft chewy playful bits in it. What’s not to like?


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