Embroidered Faces #2

Nili has found comfort in his old friend Flounder.

Nili's old friend

Nili's old friend

Flounder was hidden under my sister’s bed. Every now and then, Nili would hop there to pay him a visit. During the moving, somehow we forgot about Flounder. That’s until the movers came and took my sister’s bed away.

Mom was about to throw Flounder away until I found him the other day, a bright and inviting yellow and blue in the open space of the now empty house. Nili remembered him instantly and started sniffing and playing with him.

It’s good to have some familiarity other than the old grandfather clock in this new home for Nili.

Embroidered Faces - My brother

Embroidered Faces - My brother

Exactly a week after my dad’s birthday is my brother’s birthday. Although we are not blood related, he is to me the brother I never had. With only a few days before we meet for his birthday dinner, I decided to embroider a picture of his girlfriend and him and attach it to a handmade book.

Let’s see how that goes tomorrow.

Right now, there are a few issues in my mind I wish to come to terms with, and a carrot that needs some chopping. Then, it’s off to bed to await the mid-week. Everyone knows the mid-week anticipation of the weekend is what makes those weekends so much more worth it.


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