Birthday Is A Reason For Indulging In Good Food

I think I finally have the perfect coin pouch for my dad.

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy

On the flip side of the Embroidered camera charm is our photo that I wrote about in the last post. 🙂 Sometimes it’s hard to say “I love you”, sometimes it’s easier to show.

We had a very nice bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake sent over from some of dad’s friends. Mom decided to make hot drinks and we all had tea – the first celebration in the new home.

The Birthday Cake

The Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy

I must say that the cake was perfect for my dad – not too much sugar to overwhelm but just enough to have a bit of taste.

We went to two different Chinese cuisine eateries – one a Cantonese rrestaurant, the other a Szechuan. Dad preferred the Cantonese restaurant. My favourite dish of that night was the scallop.

Scallop *slurp!

Scallop *slurp!

The interesting thing about it is that the scallop was sliced into half horizontally and stuffed with some other seafood. I can’t make out what other ingredients were inside apart from the prawn. But this dish was bite size and fun to eat!

Mom and I preferred the Szechuan restaurant because of the Spicy and Sour soup. Dad loved the fish. But because it is Szechuan delicacy,  most of the dishes are spicy. Not for dad. Although, the decor, we all agreed, was fabulous.

Oriental Decor

Oriental Decor

Each 4-seater table had a Chinese lantern hung above and red divider between them. And to add to the privacy we already had, there were thin golden sheers for each ‘cubicle’. We were seated next to the window, where we got a beautiful view of Singapore’s night skyline – the CBD, Marina Bay Sands and the Esplanade theater.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself this weekend. So did my tummy. We didn’t forget Nili. I wanted to offer him some chocolate from the cake, but we both know that wouldn’t be too good for him at all. So instead, he enjoyed himself a little scrub, belly rub and some cuddling.

Enjoying a little pat

Enjoying a little cuddle

And of course some celery (he’s back to eating that; I guess his cravings come and go :)) and carrots with a bit of dried apples, papaya and his favourite biscuits. Not forgetting his morning leaves that my dad gives him.


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