Out With The Old

Mom took one look at the Chinese Lily Coin Pouch and said that it was too girlish for my dad. She says she will keep it for herself to use. Back to the drawing board. And I’ll have to finish it by Sunday. Cutting it a little too close for my comfort.

I had wanted to get that done yesterday, but was called back to the old place to do some moving.

Moving out old furniture

Moving out old furniture

There’s mom in our old living room of 12 years. We had some movers from this charity organization come over to move out all our furniture; some of it they sell, some they dispose of for us. They were much more professional than the movers we hired to move some of our furniture from the old place to the new – fast, friendly and efficient.

Every time I dream of a home, I always dream of the old place in Malaysia where I grew up in. I remember the blue tiles, the small bath tub and the long road of neighbours. Sometimes in my dreams, this road I used to live on would turn into a very beautiful hill that goes on and on with flowers and trees and even a stream.

I wonder if now, I’ll be dreaming of this one instead.

I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Dad’s birthday celebration is going to be spread across the next 2 days and I bet I’d have put on a few by Monday. But it’s Friday now and working hours are almost done. Let’s not jump the gun. Weekend, here we come. 🙂


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