Chinese Lilies and My Dad

My sister, my dad and I

My sister, my dad and I

Old pictures make everyone nostalgic. My sister compiled all our photographs into a very nice scrapbook about our family and this is one of them. It just reminds me everything about what I feel for my dad and I couldn’t help but take a picture of it for myself for safe keeping. Perhaps it will fit nicely onto the back of the embroidered camera I made for my dad.

Speaking of which, my mom, who is a very good critic, says my embroidered camera does not look like a camera at all. So I had to crack my head thinking of what else I can make for my dad and I came up with this.

Chinese Lily Coin Pouch

Chinese Lily Coin Pouch

We have been going to different hawker centres to try out all the food this new area has to offer and mom has been complaining that dad’s stealing her coin pouch. So I decided to make him one.

Dad has always been very traditional. He loves Chinese paintings and embroidery, but I don’t trust my skills to sew something even remotely close to resembling a Chinese painting or embroidery. So I decided to still stick with the Chinese theme and sew on a Chinese lily with ribbons.

Daddy's Initials

Daddy's Initials

It even has his initials on it.

Dad always uses the things we make for him, even the embarrassing ones. I’d like to think that the gifts he’s been receiving from us are getting less and less so. 🙂


Between the smell and trying to stop myself from sticking my tongue out to get a sip, I’m really enjoying the green tea wash. It smells great, feels soft on the skin and it doesn’t cost a lot. I think I’m going to make it regular.


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