My Glittery Glossy 3D Embroidered Camera Flash

Nili is getting more and more choosy with his food. Only crunchy bits for him with mango and guava on the side. No more celery. He’s growing an expensive taste.

But I am thankful for everyday that he is eating well.

Glittery Camera Flash

Glittery Camera Flash

While sewing the vintage camera for my dad, I needed ideas for making the flash glossy, glittery and shiny. So I used some glitter nail varnish / polish and diamond glaze.

Make the flash glitter

make the flash glitter

The diamond based 3D adhesive was bought on etsy a long time ago from Kristen Krafts, which can be used for making your own tile necklaces or basically protecting any tiny pictures you wish to put on your work, giving it a glossy, 3D look.

The nail varnish / polish was a mistake-purchase from Faceshop. The sales person was so nice that I felt bad leaving without getting anything. Yes, I am weak that way.

So after sewing on a running stitch for the perimeter of the flash with some grid lines inside (the perimeter is important as is stops the glue from flowing out of the area you want the glue to be on), I painted the flash with some glitter varnish / polish. To make the glitter stay in place, I added some Diamond Glaze, which also helps in giving it a 3D and glossy look.

I’m thinking of using it for some disco ball design or some night sky design, but that is another project for another day.

In the mean time, I feel like taking a break from making season’s items and going back to making myself a dress, after going through Ooobop. It’s very frustrating but challenging at the same time. If I don’t try, who knows what I can come up with? Any ideas on what kind of dress I should make?


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