Keeping Loved Ones Close

Looks like I got my wish. It’s been raining thunderstorms and lightning all day, a nice break from the hot weather. But then it will be very troublesome for some people and dangerous for drivers.

Pocket Watch Locket

Pocket Watch Locket

I managed to finish my weekend project for next season’s items – a pocket-watch locket. I like carrying a piece of my loved ones around. Maybe that’s where my obsession with lockets come about. For this locket, the blue yarn, red beads and gold chain makes for a very vivid and vintage looking piece, something different for me.

Many of my favourite people celebrate their birthday this month.

Ella Fitzgerald will always be a warm nightly companion to put on and turn up on a nice drizzly evening.

The witness at my wedding, my brother, also celebrates his birthday this month. My fondest memories of him are of times when he would bring me out late at night to enjoy the night scene here in Singapore. Not pubs and clubs, but nice hidden corners and quiet spots with good food where we can hang out with friends and catch up. One night, on one of our nightly outings, he carried me on his shoulders and ran across the pedestrian crossing. Without much difference in height and weight between us, I am amazed that he did it without breaking a sweat!

Dad's Camera

Dad's Camera

My dad celebrates his birthday on the 22nd of this month. Like every girl, my dad is my superman, santa claus and chauffeur all rolled into one. As a man who feels that he has everything he needs, it is always hard to get him a gift. My mom usually brings him out for dinner or cooks him a nice Chinese meal. Sis and I usually find something related to golf for his birthday. But since that is getting old, I though maybe this year, I should get him something related to his other hobby – photography.

Turns out it fits nicely into next season’s items as well. After some research and some drawing and cutting, now all that’s left is the colour combination. Exciting stuff. 🙂

As for my brother, I made it a little something years ago when I was in university overseas. But since it is a little, how shall I put it, rude to show it here, I guess I’ll have to post it another day.

The best gifts are the ones people still keep many years later. My brother still uses the thing I made him and my dad keeps everything I made him on his bedside table. With family like this, it’s no wonder I prefer to stay close to home.


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