The House Is Now A Home

Mom has been having a tiring time getting the house all tidied up. Just this morning, she went to buy some flowers to put in the living room.

Tiny things, like an orange rose, the computer screen cleaner in the shape of a car, and my sister’s soft toys (we still leave her a room even though she is miles away), make this house a warm and cozy home. And together with this breath taking view, I can just sit in the living room all day.

Gone are the days where we sip our drinks in a cafe. Mom’s living room is perfect for that. And with Dad’s sound system, I can play some Ella and Norah and have a good cup of hot chocolate with Nili by my side.


Since the home is more or less all cleaned up, I was back in the office this week and managed to start on some designs for the next season’s theme.

I’m having a wonderful time creating next season’s items. When you wonder down a new and unfamiliar path, with a little bit of determination, you can do things you never thought you were capable of doing. Of course with that comes certain responsibilities, like very thing else in life.

Right now, I am learning and living this journey, as obligingly as I can.

Happy easter and good friday to all.

Happy Easter! *sniff sniff!

Happy Easter! *sniff sniff!



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