Making a circle skirt for the long weekend

Yesterday night, the day got worst when I lost my keys to the newly changed door lock. I couldn’t have felt worse. I really need to learn to have grace under pressure.

Anyhow, today is a brand new day of a short week so there is nothing to be sad about. 🙂 As promised, I shall continue yesterday’s post.

We shall continue with the waistband template.

Drawing the waistband template

Waistband - template

Waistband - template

It is not always possible to draw a straight 28 inches long band, so, if you have a long ruler, you can choose to draw 1/3 the length of your waist band, or 1/2 like I did.

Now that you have both your circle and waistband templates, you can transfer this onto your cloth to cut both pieces out.

From Template To Cloth: Waistband

Waistband - paper to cloth

Waistband - paper to cloth

If you were like me and draw 1/2 of your waistband on your paper, you can draw out 2 of your template onto your cloth this manner and cut it out.






From Template To Cloth: Circle Skirt

paper to cloth - circle skirt

paper to cloth - circle skirt

You may choose to cut out your circle either way. However, if you wish to put a zip at the side of the skirt, which you most likely have to, you should cut out semi circles.

Always remember, when cutting, to leave allowance on the edges of the cloth for when sewing.


Now, all you’re left with is joining the pieces up! I hope this  tutorial helped you in getting the template for a circle skirt and starting your journey to making you first skirt. I’m no expert and also just beginning to try my hands on this. I guess it’s just nice to share what you have learnt.

If you have any new techniques to add or any mistakes I’ve made to correct, please do share.

Have fun! 🙂


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