The Reservoir View

The view from my parents’ new place is mesmerizing. With a little bit more work and time, I can type to you while absorbing all that this view has to offer.

reservoir view

Living Room View

Even watching laogong jog one round around the reservoir. The balcony just needs some nice outdoor furniture.

For my room, my mom went to choose the curtains for me and came back with this.

dragonfly blinds

Moms have a way of understanding us even though we try to hide parts of ourselves from them. She knows me so well, sometimes it’s scary. 🙂

With all the washing and unpacking and climbing up and down ladders to reach the top shelves, my hands are dry and rough and my feet are sore. But I think every one is settling in just fine and loving the place.

His favourite spot

Even the little guy found his own spot by the dinning table.

I hope I can get back to sewing and blogging more next week. I’m also craving for my favourite bubble tea; I hope they have an outlet near by.

In the mean time, I hope you all get your cravings satisfied, get your jog on and have a lovely week ahead!



2 thoughts on “The Reservoir View

  1. What an amazing view. I love your new dragonfly blinds. A good reminder that I need to make some for the landing window! And your bunny is so cute as always! 🙂

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