The Family And The Food You Choose

I have found the perfect quote to sew onto the back of the blue angry bird pouch for my mom but I’m finding it hard not to get side tracked on catching up with sewing my circle skirt and catching up on New Girl episodes.

A Mother's Love

Now that I am up to date on the latest episodes, I have not idea what to watch while I sew.

Friends are the family members we can choose. And recently, I spent time with some friends to celebrate turning 25.

The Family You Choose

A homemade cake for a warm and homely celebration for the birthday boy (top left). And did I mention this place has free flow of fries?

Fish, Steak and free flow of fries!

Fish, Steak and free flow of fries!

Watching New Girl makes me want to go out more and make friends. But looking in the mirror, metaphorically speaking, only makes me stay in where I’m most comfortable. Laogong always says I’m a whirlpool of complications and contradictions, which can be hard to handle at times. The only place I want to go to right now is where I can have a nice cup of Lemon Roasted Melon Tea under some soft rain by the river, where I can bury my feet in my favourite pair of boots and read a good book.

But this weekend is going to be filled with wood dust, detergents and a lot of unpacking and arranging. Mom and dad’s new place is almost ready and so laogong and I have been enlisted as cleaners for the weekend. I guess that means no tea, rain and book, at least for the next week or so.

Until then, here’s to many more years with good food, friends, and family who will always be embroidered to our hearts.



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