After more than a month of making things for the Family theme, I decided it was time I made something for my own family too.

Blue and Yellow Angry Bird

Blue and Yellow Angry Bird


My brother-in-law’s girlfriend went to Japan recently and came back with a nice stitch zip lock bag for me. To say thank you, I decided to make her an Angry Bird pouch (I recall my mother-in-law telling me that she likes them).

Embroidered Name - Wong Kai Ling

Her name embroidered.

To make it more personalized, I embroidered her name on the back of the pouch.

The blue bird pouch will be for my mom. But I have yet to find a nice quote to sew on the back piece for her. If you have any ideas, please do share. 🙂

A proverb I once read says that to make any changes, you need to start small, you need to start with yourself. This change then will affect the family, then your community and then perhaps the world. While I am not too ambitious as to make the world-scale changes (although I do admit there are things in the world that needs changing), I recognize that I myself have some changing, or learning, to do.

I think the first place to start is gratitude.

And I’m hoping my sewing will help. It’s a long stretch, but I believe if you put  sincerity and gratitude into your work, I’m sure people will feel it too.


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