No Matter What, No Matter Where

Sometimes, it is inevitable that the people you love live miles from where you live. And it’s not always possible to catch a plane to find them each time you miss them.

No Matter What

So I made this with my sister in mind. And on the back, there’s a tiny picture of her with my mom, dad and brother-in-law.

No Matter Where

The frame is Shisha stitch that is sewn around the picture, keeping it in place. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I would have finished the second piece. This will be added to my list of regular small items. So you can keep a look out for it in the next month. 🙂

It comes in two so that we may keep one and she may keep one. I think it will be nice to keep a part of that someone with you. Pictures are always nice gifts, especially if wrapped in a bundle of handmade love. Like a handmade locket.




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