On Love For All Family Members

It is finally sewing time after a few days on the drawing board, or book in my case. Today, I did some of my mother’s day mini trinkets that will go well with the season’s theme – Family.

Mother's Day Trinkets

I am just bursting with excitement as I wait to turn them into tiny trinkets like hair bands, hair clips, necklaces, charms, rings… oh the ideas are endless. Etsy findings, please come quick!

Jasper, my sister’s dog, runs around the whole house, hops onto your lap for a nap, and even snuggles with you when you sleep.

Whenever I bring Nili up to my room for a sleep, he pees on my bed, wanting to claim it as his territory. He just finished nursing his teary eye that took almost a week to heal. I guess that is what you call growing old.

Yesterday when I went to the pet store to get Nili some treats, I saw some fury adorable rabbits and wondered if I should get another one when my own place is ready. Nili and Jasper flashed into my mind and I just cannot imagine losing them. Then I saw this comic strip by New Yorker cartoonist Charles Barsotti:

A Pet's Undying Love

I couldn’t help but smile. Totally made my day, and I hope it made yours too, animal lovers out there.


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