Stephanie’s Locket

This weekend is going to be spectacular, especially since I have to take a plane ride to attend my kindergarten friend’s wedding. I guess there’s no contest – Ricoh over my new Polaroid Camera.

Steph and I have a tradition – that we make beaded bracelets for each other. I still keep every single one she gave me since years ago. I should take them out to wear this weekend. 🙂

This time for her wedding, I’ve decided to make her a locket.

Steph's locket

The design took a while to build but it’s a working progress. There’s something about everything you do it life – you got to do it over and over until you know in your heart that it is right.

This locket, and a few other that I will be making over the course of the next month, is also going to be one of my regular items together with the ntoebook, pouch, clutch and pencil case that you can embroider your own design (just send me a picture of yourself or what you wish to embroider) onto.

I hope everyone had a good day despite the clashing of extreme weathers today. I’m sewing to kick away the heat! What about you?


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