What The Rain Dragged In

I can never differentiate Simba from his father. Thank goodness I have Laogong to help me on that. I guess Lion King is more of a boy’s cartoon. Here’s the 3rd of my up coming season’s items.

Embroidered Lion King

I thought I can take a break from sewing after this item, seeing that it is a notebook. I took to baking cupcakes this morning hoping it will make up for my not getting Laogong anything for Valentine’s day. But I got overly eager and started to make my muslin for the new dress I’m learning to make.

The rain helped with the mood of my sewing and cutting and tracing and drawing. But when the Vet called in the evening and I was all alone at home with Nili, the rain couldn’t haven been more melancholic.

Perhaps some might find it dramatic that I am sad over Nili getting cancer. But Nili has been with me since I was a teenager and he has accompanied me through the lonely nights. When I started crying that evening, he started stomping his feet, as though he was angry at my being upset.

The funny thing is, I started laughing after that, and I don’t know why.

Maybe it was because I was too shocked over Nili’s reaction. Nevertheless, it made me realise that he is still healthy and happy now, despite the cancer cells in him.

And that’s what’s important – that he’s still with me.


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