Tangled Threads

The week goes by fast when there is so much to do. I spent the last few days organizing my station and doing the final touches for the Bambi Clutch.

Final touches for Bambi Clutch

Above is a picture of the half knitted handle of the clutch. It’s so nice I’m thinking of making a bracelet or a necklace this way too.

Organizing things was never my forte. If blogs were hand written, you would be able to tell my untidiness from my handwriting. But thank goodness you don’t have to endure that, or you’d have already given up of on squinting your eyes attempting to read my blog.

Daddy was nice to let me use a corner in the office for all my goodies. So over the last few days, poor laogong had to carry up boxes and boxes of my things to the office. I have to say that the most irritating things to organize are the embroidery threads. They conveniently bundled themselves up into a web  of infinite mess. I was this close to giving up – it took me all night to get to those worms. But I must say, the outcome is satisfying.

I cut up a few pieces of cardboard into tiny rectangles to neatly string up the threads.

Embroidery thread, nicely wounded up.

After this experience, I have learnt a few things about handling embroidery thread:

  1. There are 2 ends to the thread (duh). Tug each one to see which one should be the end you start with. If after one pull, it tangles up, use the other end. It should pull out nicely like a zig-zag wave.
  2. Should you find yourself in a tangle, do not pull both ends. Find the knot and slowly untie the thread. It is possible, ask my laogong. 😉 Yes, I left the dirty work to him.
  3. And trust these fat fingers of mine when I say it is important to hold all 6 individual threads when you’re handling these embroidery babies! Because if you’re not careful, you’ll get a knot within a knot!

After last night, my threads are all nicely lined up, ready to do their artistic duty and show themselves to society.

Embroidery thread, neatly arranged.

As you can see, mom loves herself some green thread. I suppose it’s because it is her favourite colour.

I must say, after all the untangling and the wounding, I am ready for my little nap. Perhaps after a little snack for the little guy.

Nili nibbling on some cruncy celery


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