And Dumbo Said “Challenge Accepted”

Over the weekend, I rapidly grew a huge girl crush on Kate Beckinsale. When I went home, I told Laogong I wanted to be like her with her tight suit and perfect body. Of course that was after I gobbled down by favourite Korean food and my cup of every Asian’s obsession – bubble tea.

Needless to say, I will look like a bloated and out of shape bread stick trying to squeeze into a cat woman suit. I even think in food.

Never the less, I got to spend the weekend with my favourites – food, movies and Disney’s stitch.

Stitch as the 7 dwarfs

My early Valentine’s present feeds to my obsession with Stitch. Can you tell which is which?

I bumped into a little rock over the weekend. But nothing helps one go over a rock like watching movies all day while sewing. I started my new project over the weekend. But because of the material I used, it was hard to trace the design over from paper onto the Felt. Therefore I had to sew in from back to front, thus explaining the position of the embroidery hoop. Here’s a snapshot of it.

Dumbo and his mom

I really like this one. It reminds me of the gentleness in a mother’s love. Maybe that’s why I’m making it into a tissue pouch. I’ll post the finished product together with the Bambi clutch soon.

And that rock I bumped into over the weekend? Just another challenge that gets me excited about Out Of The Shell. 🙂


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