Sundays are for Rabbids

I spent the weekend with my 3 favourite people – rabbit, rabbids and my laogong.

I tried my hands on playing soccer on xbox with laogong, but my fingers just couldn’t listen to my brain. So he decided he’d play rabbids with me so that way both of us, not only one, look like fools.

Later, he brought me to get my sewing materials, which I have yet to sort out. But, oh, the thrill of new fabric and threads to play with… I’d swim amongst them if I could.

I’m heading out to buy more stuff later. I just have this urge to make my own clothes. I am tired of going shopping and not finding the clothes I want. When I finally get my sewing on, I will be sure to put up pictures and tutorials (if I am good enough).

In the mean time, I can’t take my mind off tomorrow’s appointment. Nili’s been hopping around playing with us, even with that collar on. Here he is on one of his lazier moods.



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