Not quite ready to stick my head out just yet

I have on eye on my desktop and another on Nili. His bunny ears twitched like antennas as I type, as though he can decipher what keys I’m pressing. I brush my hand across his black and white fur and rub his ears. He closes his eyes but he’s not fooling anyone; his ears are still up and steering towards every sound made in the room.

I had wanted to have bought my materials by now, and believe me it would be so much better on so many levels if I could. But poor ol’ Nili has just had an operation and now I can hardly sleep, eat, let alone work properly. He’s been with me for 10 years and he will definitely be with me for many more to come.

I guess I’ll have to start with the materials I have right now. There’s still so much more to do – the pictures to fill up the blog, photobucket, blogs to link to and read, things to make, online shop to set up…

This turtle and her rabbit will just have to work together to bring this blog to life.


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